How Do I Stop Panic Attacks?

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This week, Stephanie Frank answers the question:

How Do I Stop Panic Attacks?

Q: S**** asks, “Why do I react to a problem or an issue by running around and panicking, even when I know that reaction won’t resolve the problem any quicker?”

A: The reality is no matter what, as you go through life, problems, challenges and obstacles happen every single day. (I mean really, when was the last time that any of us had a day when we didn’t have a problem of some kind?)

It doesn’t happen. So here’s the thing.  Your job is not to be problem free.  That will happen when you’re dead. Until then, you are alive and dealing with all kinds of obstacles – big ones, little ones…and the reason that you’re freaking out every time a problem comes is you’re trying to force yourself not to have any problems. That will never happen. So….

…instead of looking at your problems as constant crisis management, flip it around.

Look at your problems as the creative challenges that show up in your life specifically to give you an opportunity to do something new.  Look at it like a long distance runner. You’re going to have things that will get in your way, possibly slow you down, and maybe even things that you’re going to have to jump over.  Is your focus on the obstacle or on the finish line?

Here is one of the things that I do every single morning: I sit down and say, “I realize that my day is whatever it’s going to be today and I would like to have a day that no matter what challenges come up, I would like to go through this day with ease and grace.”  (Ease and grace, those are my two favorite words.)

What that means is this.  You’re setting the tone for the day so that these problems that you’re talking about don’t absolutely sideswipe you and wreck your day. Ease and grace is the intention you are setting.

Now, if you’re talking about the kinds of problems where somebody just walks in and dumps something on you and all of a sudden it’s up to you to handle it and deal with it, that’s a whole different issue.

In that situation, what we’re dealing with is that you are teaching people how to treat you.  So if you’ve taught people to just come in and dump their problems on you (and you no longer want them to do that), now it’s up to you to teach them not to do that.

Just because someone else has a problem doesn’t mean it’s your problem.  There’s nothing that says when somebody comes in and dumps something on you that you have to take it onto your own shoulders. You’ve probably got enough of your own problems without taking someone else’s on too.

Instead of taking the world on your shoulders, the next time someone brings you their problem, respond with this, “Hey, is this something that you’d like me to deal with or are you just venting?”  Ask the question.  Don’t assume that the whole world is on your shoulders. Those kinds of assumptions can quickly lead to overwhelm, panic and major freak out.

Now it’s up to you to set up your day with ease and grace and to ask more questions when you feel put upon.

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