Last breath

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Gazing longingly into her eyes…

He strained to glimpse the dream of his happiness fade from view.

She held him close as his liquid filled breathing,
too loud to be ignored any longer, consumed her faith for
the life they promised each other.

He knew it was over, soaked in his own life giving
river, at least an inch deep as he lay. Read more

Focus is painful and it sucks!?!

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I’m laughin my ass off right now!

What you’re about to read may just piss you the &^%$ off!

I can hear it now, “Dan what the hell is wrong with you? You’re shooting yourself in the foot! You can’t defame what you do or what you teach?!” Actually I’m not doing any of that. I’m being honest, I’m being real. Focus is a four letter word, and it involves a four letter word, “WORK”.


Freakin Relax will ya? Don’t get your panties ina bunch! There is a horrendous disease creeping about the internet that devours peoples hopes and dreams of getting something for nothing. Quick Instant Income With No Intelligence Required; IE… no work on your part.

The site is up and google knows you’re there, now where the hell are all the visitors?

I digress:

While I am TOTALLY guilty of applying these practices for some affiliate marketing and my clients campaigns [hipocrite?] I believe in the fact that you need to earn a living. As for this site and my services? Well… I’ve focused on everyone else for so long I’ve realised THIS was the most important place to BE. There was very little me here.

Much of what was here has been about others. I had tons of personal posts here that disapeared with a crash. The universe said it was time for a rebirth. A time to change my focus.

So.. with that said.. I’ll go this far.

Whats the key to focusing successfully? Keep It Simple! Take Action!
Don’t overload yourself with tasks and worries and concerns. Just Focus! Concentrate!

Have before you, ONE THING to do and one thing only.
One thing to read, one thing to write.
One email to send
One call to make
One thing to get done.

You say you’re a multi-tasker? …[snickering] How’s that going for ya?
I used to multi-task. I gave that up for Lent. Multi-tasking is the worlds design to keep you on the caged rat wheel. You are certainly no rat, and niether am I.

Leave yourself alone and let the universe bring you to your goal free of distractions.

I’ve been focusing on marketing for the last 2 years like it was a college masters exam. THAT required  laser-like uninterupted focus. The kind of focus where if you slack? Thats exactly what you’ll get back… SLACK.

When all is said and done after

  • Buying several, thousand dollar programs,
  • Working for an internet e-commerce service provider..
  • Workin under another successful student of Jay Abraham
  • Delivering email campaigns that sold up to $10k a month..
  • Building a membership site that raked in $4k a month in 2 weeks..
  • Crafting a video that pulled in, one out of five visitors to optin to the list..
  • Taking an SEO blog post to position 2 under Frank Kern’s
    in less than 24 hrs and held it for days single handedly..
  • Repeating that several times in different areas,
  • Also in 24hrs I took a keyword with 5.7 million competing references and placed 3rd on page one of google..
  • Showing a new client how to focus and make hdtv affiliate sales in 7days..
  • And knowing that without some powerful tools and resources you’re just another post, page or site in the sea of cybespace.

I know what the hell I’m talkin about. FOCUS GETS THE JOB DONE!

But when it comes to traffic? Well, thats where it REALLY takes a CAN DO attitude! Or knowing a good friend with the right resources.

Is there room in your comfort zone to enjoy an inspiring thought, but not enough to actually act on it?

It’s been written, As A Man Thinketh, NOT As a man believeth.. Think on what you have to do.

Feelings are not facts, life makes you feel, as you feel is very powerful. If you think thoughts that change your perception, feelings change in line with those thoughts. And ultimately change your life.

Is life having its way with you, or are you having the time of your life?

A thought, a single thought, can not only shake, but shatter a belief in an instant.

If you remain true to your thoughts and keep your perception in line with your focus, you will be a master of your life. Not the other way around..

Focus on what it is you want to accomplish. Then go accomplish it.

If you have a challenge, especially in regards to marketing? I’ve seen it.

I’ve been there, I’ve been bounced to the curb by some heavy weights. I took on HDTV’s after the holidays and ranked for 5 top makes and models with in hours. Then some blackhat [who will rename nameless because I don't want to piss Howie off] wanted to create a case study and we got smashed within days…

I went back to the super-ninja labs, I focused on making sure it won’t happen again. That goes for me or anyone else who decides to come along with me. I found the resources and developed a team of er um, people focused to take on any market. The blackhats had tools and resources a plenty that I was unable to finance at the time. Surprise! Not anymore!

People are making serious life changing income on the net, and everyone I know has that opportunity. But only a few will take this moment and move forward for what they want.

In fact only 2% of you will take action after reading this, WHAT!?!?  LOL this is great, b/c my piece of the pie just stays that much wider.. pfffft!!  Nahh thats BS, and I know it.. I’m not like that.
Online marketing requires lots of focus and lots of action. It’s the F word incarnate.
One site requires support and cannot stand on its own. Many people work so hard just to get, just that one site up,  that when its done? They’re pretty much mentally & emotionally exhausted.

Too tired to go further? You spend hard earned time and energy to learn enough to get that far. You want to be able to see it through to the end don’t you? Gain top rank in google for a particular keyword-phrase.. Get visitors coming everyday, not just when you post on twitter.

The site is up and google knows you’re there, now where the hell are all the visitors?

Google my name, “danlopez2012″ my name has been in existance since last August. How many references do you see? Damn, last I saw it was at 60,000!?!

You think I’ve been busy? Damn Straight! Focused.

So here’s the deal.  A little marketining 101 if you will,

This is what you been told in the past.

Find a need and fill it, Be AWESOME And Extrodinary, find a service or a product, have a site and a compelling offer, learn copywriting, learn SEO, have an autoresponder and the money is in the list…. Shall I continue?

All this is like… duh!?  But the real kicker is getting people to your site. Now, mind you, I can get people to your site regardless of what it is or how bad, and I do mean how bad your particular market is. But its better to have actually thought this through first or start from scratch and don’t freakin look back.

One caveate, I don’t do porn, I’m a family man for petes-sake gimme a break. And If you can’t market porn somethings seriously wrong anyways…

With that said, I’ve stuck to true fashion tried and true methods of traffic generation. Articles, blogposts, backlinks, videos, comments and bookmarking campaigns..  INTRODUCING!

If you’re BRAND-NEW and you don’t have your site up and running yet, don’t continue any further. What I’m about to offer will … “Bring The Rain”.

This is a course, this is not a service offering that starts openly this week. At the moment its only open to fellow twitters, and some lucky ones who get past my admin. It’s traffic getting, plain and simple.

It’s not going to get you banned or blacklisted or anything like that, but this is what you should have known about after spending so much to get… I’m getting too detailed.. Sign up for a serious chance to start getting traffic to your hard worked site. Most submissions approved within 24 hrs.

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Frank Kern’s MassControlGiveAway preview review

One Thing I love about MassControl’s Frank Kern, is his endeavor to convince you not to give up!


This MassControlGiveaway-Preview-Review brought to you by One Person On A Mission!

So why did I post a boat load of articles featuring
reviews of Frank Kern?

Uh, Hello!??!? To get you HERE, of course, in fact
I ran a tribute video preview of something I found
quite interesting…

Well, lets face it.. Kern has done it again.
If anyone can corner viral marketing it’s Frank.

In fact I’m just blatantly gonna write this review
without even being an affliate to try to get you to buy
from niether Frank or myself.. [[THAT'S CHANGED!]]

Well.. hell that ain’t true now is it, I want you to get
to know me first and then I’ll help you with what ever
I’m selling.

Kern certainly has some pearls of wisdom which only come
from “back against the wall” senarios which beg for action.

I have studied this anomoly and have used it successfully
to get your attention to this page, so it obviously works.

My friend by association Jason Moffatt is crushing the Gurus
namely because he is one himself, on a more humble stature.
Which is something you wouldn’t attribute to this marketing
genius. But he is the king of small list big results.

At hundreds of thousands in a single week? I guess you can
say Jason holds his own in his territory.

But getting back to Frank if you pay attenion to this promotion
you will learn a great many things. This is a science.

Excellence comes from experience and leveraging.

WHO doesn’t want to be famous?
WHO doesn’t want an emphatic following?
WHO doesn’t want to hit a rabid market with killer content?

So, introduce yourself to your market.
Make nice nice with the presentation and befriend your visitors.
Be yourself, in this hard pressed climate? Phonies and posers
are seen and recognized as such in less than 2 seconds.

So check this out

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