You think You know Dark_My Story_My Secret

As posted to Calyton Makepeace and Tony Flores’ blog on the “CopyWriter Conspiracy”;

Hi Tony, Hi Clayton,

Dan Lopez here again, I wanted to retell my story as you
requested… So here we go…

It was dark, I thought I knew Dark? You may feel you know
dark also, well..

You don’t KNOW dark… give me a minute or two, and I’ll
tell you what I mean.

Few years back, my 2 year old daughter came into a rare life
threatening disease that made cerebral palsy look promising.

A few years before that! My teenage daughter was brutally
attacked and then ended her assailants pathetic life. Some
time before that, in my decent into despair. I spent two
months committing suicide. No–Not attempting, committing..

Only thing was—my body, it just didn’t know when to die. Read more