You Say You Wanna Be A Deejay

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It’s no secret to my friends, I write in an amazingly loud environment. deejay

No, its not my daughter blasting her Nintentdo DSi like she loves to do. Its my own pc through my stereo.

Why? I’ll tell you why…

I used to be a deejay, don’t laugh!

In fact I’m not sure when that spelling came about,
we just spelled it DJ when I was spinning.


I don’t know if I really want to go back to deejaying.

It was fun as hell. I met some great people like Frank Garcia of Mainline Lighting & Sound.

A well known fact in our industry, but little known to you is,
Frank actually had the pleasure of being the MC and Deejay
for Eddie Murphy’s wedding, as well as a great many other

We got together in a tiny club in Jamaica Queens NY.
Club? It was really a glorified pub if you want to be honest.

Humble beginnings ya might say. Frank soared and
I was able to get into places like The Fun House, The UnderGround
as well as doing a college circuit for AMFAR.

Which was some benefit organization for Aids Awareness.
The college gig was awesome, we had acts come from all over
like Evelyn Champagne King, TKA, and a slew of others.

We setup and broke down each gig, and in between basically
womanized our way through it all… Well, I did anyways.

Yeah, I was a bit of a character back then..

But, it was grueling, we literally carried all the equipment
and records which (pound for pound) weighed as much as the
gargantuan speakers we had to lug around.

But, one thing a Deejay had to know which made him his own star?

The ability to segue songs, all kinds of songs, not just
dance tunes. We needed to know how to throw in 50′s tunes
seventies classics, Motown and R&B…

We made those little bits&pieces fit inside the breaks
that were in every dance track.

And it all had to make sense and keep the floor filled.

When the segue came in, you knew you had a winner when
you heard the crowd cry out “OHHHHH!!!!”

Club owners loved you and kept you by the amount of time you kept the floor filled.

The longer you kept that crowd going?deejay

The more drinks were sold at the bar.
The more money the club earned

Hang on

Back to this crazy skill called the segue.

This is an art.

One, that I today, have come to learn, means everything.

As a writer, a would be copywriter, an email copywriter
and devilish list builder (just threw that in for shitzngiggles).

The segue has to make sense. It has to help complete
the story the pitch the benefit, the feature… Everything.

Without the elegance of delivering a killer segue, your reader has left the building.

Still with me?

I’ve begun to read my emails, my posts and to be certain.

I’m glad I do.

I now read them aloud. I can’t honestly tell ya
where I got that from, probably Gary Halbert.

But, I’m going to start reading them into a recorder.
And transcribe, word for word, what I sound like.

If you write posts, an articles, an emails or write copy…

Then you would be remiss to deny this practice in your

Gary Halbert once said (and I know this to be true)…
that, as writers and copywriters, “we have clots between our brains
and our hands.”

What comes out of our mouths rarely makes it to the paper.
And we wind up, on paper, posts, ezines, what have you,
sounding nothing like the way we talk.

And to the reader, this becomes obvious instantly or instantly obvious.

Going back to being s Deejay?

Hmmmm… That would be an investment and a half to rebuild and relearn
this new mp3 digitized form of the old fun I learned to live.

But then again…dj-headphones

Once I have, one side of the headphones to my head, everything else will just disappear.

Tempting, very, very tempting.

If you want to know more about how to segue, get your dancin self over to the sign up form before I drop the bonus from the offer.

Until the next post.
Stay focused
Dan Lopez -TheUnguru

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