Why ShoeString Marketing is Big Business

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I really am enamored with the big drawn out
marketing launches I see every month, well…

They do seem to have died down considerably.

Testing probably proved that once all the big
names have shared their databases with each other
there’s only so much fuel left in the fire to keep
sales flourishing.

But in another remote location of the info-marketing
universe, a distinct internet army is diligently making
their mark.

The more is less and less is more axiom seems
to build the tiny wonders of online marketing today.

Warriors of the information age have found a
formula that works like gangbusters.

They don’t need thousand dollar copy writers, or
huge monster lists, or a billion websites pointing
back to their offer either.

They don’t spend hundreds or thousands to get the
product to the final stage. They just get it done,
slap a few lines of text on a squeeze page and an
optin-box and they’re in business.

Just “how do they do it” you ask?

They do the obvious.

We all like clever ideas and ingenious plans.
We like bright colors and fancy speeches, awe-inspiring
delivery of matters that tickle our greed glands.

But the single most powerful action you can perform
today is to do the obvious. It’s a formula found in a
book that no-one cares to let you in on.

In other words…

The best book that I have ever read on marketing, is one
that was written over 90 years ago in 1916. It’s less than 60
pages long, there’s no jargon or graphs or complex research.

No, its not As a Man Thinketh
No, It’s not Think And Grow Rich
No, no, no, It’s not even The Science of Getting Rich

Come on now? Haven’t you read all these already?

The truth is, it’s more like a pamphlet.
You could finish it in one reading, but, you’ll
walk away with insights frightfully staggering to
the uninitiated.

Now the bad news.

Obviously it’s not easy to find and can definitely be
called a collector’s item.

This book has changed my life…
I’ve spent so much on marketing products and
nothing has ironed out exactly what’s been missing
like this book does. In fact the answers were so obvious
I literally kicked myself after reading it and
started taking action to resolve my issues immediately.

I think you will too..

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Till the next post,
Be Focused…
Dan, the Un-Guru

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