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rs-htx-202OMG,  Im such a freakin geek…

I have a handheld ham radio.. and the memory’s internal battery died…  So, instead of getting a perfect replacement I bought an equivilant and tried to solder ends to it…

Mind you, this battery is the kind that looks like a quarter…  I killed the new one with all the heat from the soldering iron… well, not exactly killed it.. but it drained below the fresh voltage of 3Volts down to 2.9volts … so… what do I do?

I grab the old one and solder the new and the old together with a wire between them.. increasing the voltage to 4+ volts… but its only feeding memory and not the unit as a function, so damage would be nil???

Fingers crossed annnnd… done with all the soldering and the unit now holds the configuration after turning on and then off and then on again… Whoalla! Violla?

Old Ham radio is running once again…
A moral to the story????
Communication? err… umm no,,, not quite..

More like, thinking outside of the box and taking risks..
If I messed this up.. I basically killed a $200.00 radio.. that you can probably get for $50 on ebay… But still.. I’d be short one damn good handheld if I screwed it up.. I needed to take the chance though…

The chance to gain an inner feeling of determination, fearful courage and inner resolve to the task at hand… I’m mean, not just anyone can go and rip a radio apart, fix the damn thing with something other than required parts…

Sure.. it was a small victory, that many may concede to..   But with that said..
Just how many small victories do YOU experience a day?
How many chances do YOU take a day?

Kewl, Calm, Collected-- Focused

Angels With Dirty Faces…

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