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Heartfelt notes from the present.

I came across a document that said “Keys To Success” by someone or other, actually I’m being kind as I don’t necessarily want to bash anyone.  It took me 29 pages to figure out what the person was selling. Which is saying a lot since most of the preceeding paragraphs were pretty compelling.

And then the negatives came flooding in. 1st it was the technique they were trying to introduce the reader to, and then it was some ill stated psychotheraputics. The likes of which made a mockery of affirmations and the power they actually hold if given true study and application.

The one glaring statement I beheld was “Even though I have this fear of rejection, I deeply and completely accept myself”  Ehhh… WRONG!!  You see the mind only hears

“I fear rejection”

Why is that?  Frik if  I know.. It has something to do with the human condition and the way the subconsiouss processes what its been fed for so long. It’s negative stimulus has been programmed to digest what its used to over new thoughts and ideas and even habits. Thats mainly why change is so damn hard for the majority of the planet.

So, over the weekend I was re-introduced to affirmations in the form of “I AM” statements. These are very, very powerful tools for you to use today. I can’t, well… now I can remember why I had forgotton these. Personally it was the walking away from walking the talk a long time ago.

Ever do that? Have something working for you and then for whatever reason, something replaced your values with different hopes? Ones that just called to immediate needs and desires? Take it from me, if its workin for you? Don’t stop because of a new love, a boss a desired friendship or the like..

Whats workin for you will propell you and keep you. The new things won’t, at least sooner or later that will be found out. And usually the hard way.

Back to the weekend though.. “I AM” statements. I had the pleasure to think of a few while I was sitting in my chair and put them to paper. Mind you, it had been a while since I’d done such and I’m a firm believer of “thoughts are things”.

Let’s see if I can frame this for ya. The gist is to BE, in the now, what it is you want to be, have, know, live, experience, desire, want, whatever. As if it’s present tense. So if I want a .. scratch that..let me back up a sec. Desire and Intention. these are extremely purposeful in their value here.

Oh heck! I’ll share with you what I wrote..  Don’t laugh.. yet.. you might want to use a few yourself..

Here we go..

  • I AM passionate & enthusiastic
  • I AM a warrior peaceful & true
  • I AM an amazing power of example
  • I AM an over achiever
  • I AM sought out by powerful positive influences in life
  • I earn $$$ a month
  • I AM a focus coach
  • I AM a deliverer
  • I AM a healer
  • I AM a channel of light
  • I AM a rockstar
  • I AM action incarnate

Do you get the picture? It’s not just about the things you want in life, If you are good or great at something, put it in there also. These are things that are reaffirming you and your strenghths, talants, pleasures, desires and intentions in life.

Once written, these little powerful tools will begin to give life as they have now been given thought and action in the written form. When we speak them to ourselves it trebels the effect. The spoken word has an amazing power behind it.

How often have you said, “Oh I could never do that” and sure e-freakin-nuff’ …..  You Didn’t Do That!??! It’s a self fullfilling prophesy. Mind you..

Intent as I mentioned is critical. Saying these things and being halfhearted about them and not beleiving in them will avail your intent. “You Have Not Because You Ask Not”.

See yourself in these statements, as you read them. Put them on cards and take them out as often as you can, write them on a sheet and place them somewhere you HAVE to see them. One pattern is when you rise, midday, and when you retire.

Is there any coincidence that this pattern is part of the secret behind the 2nd chapter of Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich”? I’m not claiming this is where it came from. But its quite intriguing to notice, most success stories, lie in the fact that most people who came into well to do status, did so because they saw themselves there in the first place.

If you only knew the level of people that I engage with regularly your head would tilt on its side. But, I had decided sometime ago I was to return to a better me that I had been. And in order for me to do that, I had to see myself as I had been, I had to feel what it was to be where I was. I had to smell touch and hear what that “better me” time was.

And today I AM that better me.

Now you may be saying, “Dan, wait, you had some previous reference point with which to pull from.” “Dan,  you don’t know my life. Dan, you don’t know what its like to be me or in my shoes.” “Dan, This can’t possibly be something I can just dream into existense.”

Let me just say this; Friend? You couldn’t be more wrong about me. One of the most read darkest stories I wrote is posted on this blog. It’s not one of my best written nor is it something I’m attached to. It just is.  And thats just barely scratching the surface.

But the difference between that post and the life I live today is amazing.  Today, tomorrow and the next day are only going to be better. Becuase I AM living it now. I AM the life now.  I AM my thoughts now, I AM my actions now. I AM my future now!

Get some I AM statements. Read them, and read them often, not just everyday. But particularly read them when you’re freakin knee deep in doubt and fear and it all seems like life is just sureal. Because it is! but, if we stay focused and positive and remain true to our I AM’s?

We’ll be looking back at our I AM statements and marking the ones that are or have come to being with gladness and amazement.

We’ll be creating new I AM statements regularly, hell, maybe even daily who knows?


this post dedicated and inspired by Kody Batemen

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2 Comments on Success is now.

  1. Diane MLMBlonde on Tue, 28th Jul 2009 12:39 am
  2. That was an AMAZING review, and I can tell you really understand the mission we’re on. Great job

  3. MarDeck on Sat, 1st Aug 2009 1:48 am
  4. Interesting article. You break it down nice and simple so it is easy to follow. Ever since I can remember I have always pictured myself with or doing something when I really want it. My friends in high school used to call me a dreamer. Then they would realize it wasn’t a dream and I had achieved what I said I would. Guess I should be rich now, huh? Not yet.

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