Stranger in a Strange Market

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I used to be a huge Robert A. Heinlein fan. cat-thru-walls

The author of (Starship Troopers)…

After reading the Cat Who Walked Through Walls, in high school, I was hooked like stink on poop.

If you’ve ever heard anyone of a certain age, say or ask, if one “Groks?” You’ve been witness to a Heinlien fan.

It was Stranger In A Strange Land that led me to read every other novel he wrote.

Michael, the main character,(at least I think his name was Michael) was left on Mars and raised by Martians. These terrestrials of Mars obviously had an unearthly way about them.

When Michael returned to Earth, he was released into the public, under the eye of a select few.

The only problem, was the culture clash.

Michael learned how to focus, and allow himself to be completely into
what he set himself to do.

In fact, his focus was so intense, he was categorized as being “off the charts focused”.stranger in a strange land

I been waiting for that movie to come to the big screen for years.

But, since its one of those Jesus like themes, the religious backlash would be what’s off the charts, if it was ever to be released.

Kinda makes you actually WANT the movie to come out, just to witness the drama that would erupt.

Which brings me to the point I wanted to make…

I’m writing to the wrong audience.

I’ve been trying to write to the IM audience. In truth, I love marketing, I really do. It took me a while to fully immerse myself into this arena.

While I honestly, have been successful in selling to a huge list, my particular  passion, is in an area, that doesn’t have a passion for marketing.

So, I’ve been feeling like a stranger in a strange market, the last few weeks.

I think, it may be time, to exit from this sites theme, to something more in line with where I am. I’ll still be giving guidance. Just, not to new-comers of online marketing, not in the general sense  anywho.

Till the next post,
Be Focused…
Dan, the Un-Guru

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