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Have you ever heard that before?

I have.. and it wasn’t always put in a positive light.

When I was eight-going-on-nine, my life shifted from so-so to horrific. For me, it was hell on Earth, for others
it looked like life as usual.

Nice well-behaved kid, nice loving family yada,
yada, yada…

Well, behind closed doors, there’s a life that’s
never seen by anyone outside the nuclear family unit.

What happens in the family stays in the family.
Nothing controversial is to be shared
outside of the family. We kept to ourselves.

Does any of this (any of it) sound familiar? If so,
pay attention… it’s important you hear this.

As a child of hispanic origin it was quite normal to be
a child of an alcoholic. As such, there are many disturbing
accounts that occur in such an environment.

So many, they have become the lifeblood of my current
trade as a writer.

As I picked up much of the traits of my parents, it became
apparent to authority figures I simply had a problem.

What that problem was, wasn’t their concern. They only knew
I was the only one that had to change it. Change it?

How the hell was I supposed to change living in fear?

How was I supposed to know whether I was going to see
the light of day after I went to sleep? I never knew
what was going to come through that door at 6PM.

Having to explain the bruises and marks on my face to
teachers always left me screaming inside “PLEASE HELP ME!”

But all I could say when approached was “I slipped,” or, “I’m
just clumsy I guess.”

One night, I was told to get on my knees and face the wall
and if I moved I was going to be killed. I believed it.
I believed it so much, I told my brother who was next to me
I loved him and to never forget me….

And I passed out from the fear.

I later went through my own bout with the disease of
addiction and got into as much trouble as possible.

I think by the time I was thirteen, I disowned my own family.
I rarely went home and when I did it was
after everyone was asleep, and I was gone
before everyone was awake.

After a final battle which sent my father flying down a
concrete stairwell, I wound up in the Queens General Hospital
psyche ward, where they told my parents I probably wasn’t
going to ever be released, and they should make
appropriate arrangements.

Fast forward some twenty-odd years later.

I’m twenty years “sober” or “clean” or whatever
you care to call it. I’ve two beautiful daughters from two
disastrous relationships. And I’m writing for several arenas
as clients allow… Life is good.

It wasn’t always such but I survived.

That’s just one story. Albeit a short one…but its mine.

Do you have a story?
Of course you do.

Every story impacts another person’s life. And yours
has the ability to do the same. We need these stories to
help each other connect with one another, and heal
one another and let each other know that we are not alone…

Let us help you tell your story. Come listen to some amazing
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Stay Focused,
Dan Lopez

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