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The End of an Era.

Ed McMahon Remembered

Ed McMahon Remembered

Impressionable are we all to the images and lives of icons created and presented to us via the airwaves, movies and everyday life.  So much so, that there seems to be a finite balance between what we experience and what we percieve as experience.  eg:

I see a Bruce Lee movie and instantly I’m transformed into Bruce Lee. Like wise, when I see Ed Mcmahon, I dream he’s ringing the doorbell to my parents apartment back in the day with the biggest gi-normous check for 10 million dollars I will ever see in my entire life.

Instead, some Dexter looking Erkel sounding pimple face knocks with hat in hand on how I can help save the world if I buy just one raffle ticket for the lions club his father belongs to….
Poor Soul.. Here kid, now beat it.. And tell Ed “I left the light on!”

He didn’t hear me..

Free Money.. The American Dream. I thought it was the pusuit of happiness.
I must have missed the turn back there somewhere. Never really did feel like
I belonged on this planet.


Farrah Fawcett

Beauty: Farrah Fawcett
Just got the news tonight she passed.. Cancer. Damn shame.

Over Popularized, she had the biggest set of teeth I’ve seen since
the cartoons of Teddy Roosevelt I’ve remembered from a kid.
Pretty she was, but to me she never matched up to a Victoria
Secret model. Now, Heather Vale on the other hand??

But the hair!! lol the hair.. I swear, [I live in PA but I hail from NY
if ya couldn't guess] the hair is still a rage in some parts. And on THE most bizzarr heads I’ve ever seen… Ok that was pretty bad..
But seriously, ladies, open a different copy of Cosmo will ya?

Anyways.. The woman of your dreams, exists only in your dreams.
Some people just aren’t meant for superstardome. Stephanie Frank
made mention of this about the recent once “to be” starlet Miss OBoyle,
from that talent show in Britain “london has talent” or something like that.

Wherein, the sudden thrust of stardom is so overwhelming for
those of a less complex stock, they simply implode on mental &
emotional levels. Same happened to Farrah and she never quite
came back to us now did she? Would You!??!

Hey Charlie!!  years after they cancelled the show.. Call me!
I’ve been told I’m an angel.


He Said “I’m Bad.” The rest of the lyrics willl always escape me so I won’t
bother trying to repeat them..

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

FAME Michael Jackson : Michael Jackson has died at age 50 after suffering a cardiac arrest, according to media reports..

4 yrs older than I. Watching cartoons of the J5 and listening to motown classics. This basically was my intro to this legend and poorly publicized icon. Another shamefull display of stardome gone awry. Come to think of it I think Ed was the only one who actually went the distance.. okay not on the same calibur. But damn the tonight show, thats big enuff for me.

Michael is/was a great example of, if you have enuff money, it doesn’t mean you can do anything you freakin damn well please… A talented happy idiot
was not what Michael needed to be. So growing up and bringing life and imagination
to the masses was something to be transferred and cultivated. Not incubated
in secluded recesses of ones estate.

Is it any surprise that the icons of intertwined generations have suddenly passed in one fell swoop?

Thats a subject of a different ilk. Right now I just ackowledge the passing of legends.

My respects to them each.

Remember: Legends Are Lived, Not Built.

3 … is a magic number…

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One Comment on McMahon Fawcett Jackson Money Beauty Fame

  1. Heather Vale on Fri, 26th Jun 2009 11:21 am
  2. Hey, now, Dan… when I was 12 years old, Farrah hair was the ONLY style to wear if you wanted to be seen as cool!

    And it was in EVERY magazine!

    So yeah, I had it too…

    Thanks for the blog post, I like the way you intertwined the icons of different eras and the single thing they most represented.


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