Just Freakin Say Hello God D$#^&#!!!!

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Hey guys,

Dan Lopez here,
I recently made an acqaintance
on the marketing forums I can’t say enough about.
If any of you have read my post on Clayton’s blog?

Then you can understand why I resonated with this guy.

Jason Moffat’s EasyVideoSales

Today you want to reach your target audience.
You want to do that as fast and strong as possible.

You want to get NEW customers Right? Always?
Then it helps to get out there, put away your fears
and phobias… Just get yourself OUT THERE!!!

There are tons of tools to help you hit the video
segment for your marketing campaigns. You know, the
Web2.0 hoopla thats been on the scene for like 2
years already?

What Are You Waiting for?

Your customers are dying, literally dying to see and
hear what you have to say!

Watch how easy it is…

EasyVideoSales will help you in the most profound way.
From the social economical and psychological fundamentals
you can’t lose with EasyVideoSales…

I gave you guys an awesome resource for Video University.
If you like to super impress your audience thats great.
Get with the University. Dave is a super guy and a regular
subscriber to this list, “Like You” Dig up that email now.

And if you want to get your self and or your company
website promoted? The Super Ninja way? “Kidding”

Then EasyVideoSales will take you to places you would
not have known existed in the marketing industry.

Jason Moffat is the author and a comedic genius who
reaches out and lets you know how powerful you are
and how to raise that to promote your self via video
marketing… its easy

Don’t walk, RUN and get over there because its going down
and won’t be available again for a long time.

Trust me, he gave me an insiders view, “thank you” and I’m going
to be posting videos like never before in the coming months.

Not that I’m much to look at, mind you, but hey.. have you
seen whos on video these days? We are a great bunch of
humans for sure… If they can watch misty blue unattractive
blond staring at her PC doing absolutely nuthin but stuffing
her face? ……….No offense there misty..

Wouldn’t they be more interested in how you can help them?
Of course.. No brainer… Don’t forget to check out the super
Ninja techniques he shares which had me baffled for hours.


If you can tolerate me? Your gonna love this guy.

Just view Jason’s blog if you have the stuff…

All the best

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