I know Its been a while, but this is really kewl stuff

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Welcome Back!
Ok way too damn long since I laid a post on this darn thing..
I’m extemely active on twitter, in fact that is my exclusive place of online residence for the past 9 months. Over that time I’ve seen incredible things happen while areas of my surroundings began to shift in seismograph shattering waves.

Trying to focus on everything was completely and utterly the primary challenge. And since many of my personal happenings have been publically splayed on twitter, at this moment there doesn’t seem to be a reason to reiterate them.  The focus of this post was to regain the literary momentum i once held prior to a russian virus attack that wiped a whole slew of sites I had up [about 10 in total].

And while only 2 of  those were lean money mean makers, they were pretty crucial to the cause of “Work at Home Dad” status.  With that being said some incredibly beautiful people have adopted me and claimed me as their own. And no it was not one single powerful IM’er I’ve dealt with in the past. Surprising?

Not really. People fear uncertainty, and they run from it like the plague.  In this economic time of uncertainty, one cannot judge any for this type of reaction. But people like to gravitate to warriors and leaders. And in this social awakening they love transparency and integrity. For a character of a man is not measured by his place of position but in the position he is in and what he does with it.

So. i’ll keep this short and sweet. With so many questions about the private practice I’ve kept mum on twitter except for some cryptic blurb in my bio. I’m bringing it online.

Stay tuned, well I know Its been a while but this is really kewl stuff.

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