I Gave People Headaches

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How many things from your past do you let hold you back?pushing back

How many times, during the day, do you have situations that stir up old feelings? How many times during a week, month a year?

It friggin adds up doesn’t it.

And how many times in life, if you sat down and wrote them, all the things that gave you the heebiejeebies, would you come up with? I’ll bet a lot.

Those feelings, brought on by past events tend to color your mood, your perception, your attitude, your self esteem and your self worth.

When I decided to release some history on the screen in an article, the words came flowing like a torrential food of emotions.

And as for the reader, those words were very effective in conveying the event I as writing about. It was a roller-coaster ride.

In fact…

It was so effective, some readers got headaches, some had to lie down, some wanted to know whether to “look over the precipice or jump.” (actual quote)

I wrote a headline to the story using a friends name, simply because I let him read the drafted versions. He responded very well to them.

I won’t lie, his name actually increased readership.

The shame of it, my lesson was, he wasn’t the focus of the article.

This gave the article a bit of confusion to the reader.

Bad Dan, never do that again.personals-ad

I mean, I bet I could, so,long as I,
1. get permission,
2. kept the content congruent with the name.

Fortunately, Mark and I have a hint of history between us over the last 3 to almost 4 years now.. (whew…)

I removed his name and cleared the air, cuz gossipy cats were blowing things way outta proportion… I noticed they removed their little written public fits. So I’ll play nice.

Obviously, it came across like I was trashing the name on the title. And that was because, it was a hellish ride I took them on.

My dumbass forgot that, “The title frames the content.”

I wish I could go deeper into framing information, it is an extremely heavy persuasion technique, when delivered correctly to the right target.

But I’m going too far off the track already.

I’m setting myself free.

By listing things that have messed with me in one form or another… Getting them down where I can look at them.

Stepping back from what I wrote for a while.
Return and try to view them from a different set of eyes.

I can gain a completely different perspective on the bogeymen of my past. Basically, I’m taking a fearless moral inventory of myself.

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have some form of skeleton in their closet. Something they would rather not look at or revisit, as if it has some energy that will totally obliterate them if they were to cast their eyes in that direction.

Now, I have a dear friend who doesn’t think looking back is healthy.Looking Back

But in the last 20 years, I have experienced and witnessed a transformation that occurs when this ritual is practiced.

It’s like an emotional, psychological enema.

The results are always astounding. You walk, like life not only has new meaning, but the weight of years piled higher than the sky, are lifted from your chest and you breathe, upright and ready for anything.

This, is the way to dethroning the ruler of your self-defeating habits, those internal struggles, those sleepless nights while the mind unleashes its unrelenting ravaging images…


Not gonna sugar-coat it, it takes courage to face yourself.
If you can face yourself, you can face the world head on.

You ready to face your demons yet?

Well stay tuned, the best is yet to come…

Until the next post.
Stay focused
Dan Lopez -TheUnguru

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