How’s that for autobiographcal?

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I think if we were all a bit more autobiographical online, we would actually all be much closer as a world community. HONESTY

I love my kids, they’re both girls which as you know is a whole different ballgame… My youngest girl is 7 and my eldest daughter is 20 now and living with her mom in Vegas… it’s a tough relationship, but we try…

They are the why’s of my life, whom without I’m less than I would be.  Love ya always…

okay, enough of that… Anywho’s.

I always wanted to be a writer, I think I have a few in me, and I’m plodding through the growth it takes to be the earner I need to be in the meantime….

I learned honesty the hard way…

I’m a recovering knuckle head with close to 20yrs clean & anything but serene, lol…

So getting honest was something I needed daily practice in. While journaling myself through the progress, to tackle all the defects of character I try to write about…

The vicious cycle of family dysfuntion had to stop with me.

I feel like I got my arse handed to me by some really
excellent resources, fellow marketers who just crush it.

How do They do it? Glad you asked..

Like the Nike slogon says, they “Just Do It.”just do it

They don’t make excuses, they don’t second guess,
they don’t over think things, they keep it simple.
And they do it consistently.

Whatever it is they need to do, They Do.

Yeah I know, sounds vague and nebulous in the scheme
of things. But its the god-honest truth.

If you’ve studied marketing for any length of time
the one main thing mentioned over and over again and again
is the fact that…

If you do this, you get this.

That’s all there is, and thats all I’m out to do.
It would be in your best interest to do the same.

Yeah… I can get preachy, forgivs…?

I don’t mean to be…, but I know who’s been coming to the site and reading my rants.

No, its not that spooky, I mean I don’t know you personally, but the demographics I’ve been compiling give me a very clear picture of who my general audience is. (have no idea why that popped in my head)

I jumped around a bit, but I really need to get this out, as I’ve commited myself to improve my writing daily…  and by modeling my role models…

One of my favorite resources is a gentleman named Mike Hill.
Mike has a way of cutting to the chase. And he does it in a (from the heart) kinda fashion.

–Mike Hill’s Blog

Personally I can’t get anough of that..

Till the next post,
Be Focused…
Dan, the Un-Guru

PS: I’ve commited myself to trying to get at least one post a day out, each containing at least one damn good tip and one darn good resource – after all… Writers write, right!?

Actually you can blame Ben Settle for this 30 day challenge I’m on, or you can thank him.


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