How Do I Go For What I Want?

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how-may-i-help-youWhile I was on FaceBook, I got carried away in a subject thats been on the minds of many friends around me.

It recieved such a welcome response I thought I’d share it here. I paraphrased it a bit cuz , well just because it made for an easier read. Hope it helps someone out there.

The beautiful and very talented Mj.Schrader from shared on FaceBook;

If you want something, find out what it takes to do it. Divide that down into manageable steps and go for it! YOU are a Rockstar! You can do it!

Then the question came;
What if you don’t really know where to start?
The “Universe” doesn’t always give you that info!

I responded;
That depends on What it is you want to start, want, desire or are passionate about…  Start by achieving clarity, narrow it down to the exact thing you want to achieve. The less vague you are, the better chance your answer will make sense for you.

We tend to complicate everything, and the way we come to conclusions for the decisions we make, normally derive from simple deductions… so, keep it simple best ya can. Think in “obvious solution”, terms. eg; A cookie maker needs (What) to make cookies? A cookie maker needs (What) to sell cookies..

Simple basic application of self examination…

Sometimes weighing in decisions is a blip. We have solutions, but we don’t like them thar soulutions we got. So we wait for them, like the ones we have are going to change, which, normally they don’t. No one knows what tomorrow will bring, but if we take ONE step in any direction, we open up to possibilities that we would never have come by standing still.

Then came the reply;perfectionist
I am so in a flux right now, I want to change careers, but
I am just soo scared to basically fail, that it keeps me from even trying. I am too much of a perfectionist!

To wit I  responded;
You’re giving yourself your best answers, just reverse them to allow the clarity to come… I’m getting, “things are well with you” then what is the flux, you are placing upon yourself?


“Passion overcomes all obstacles”

When I had my 2nd daughter, SHE became my passion. I traveled 2 or more hours to and from work each day from South Jersey to Long Island City, NY, and when I got home, I gave all of myself to my daughter every night, throughout the night. Nothing, (no-thing) was more important.

Yeah, I lost boat loads of sleep, but I didn’t care, because I loved what I was passionate about.

I think I’m that way with helping others as well.

The other thing is FEAR.. or better termed, False Evidence Appearing Real…

If you have fear? What would your situation be like, with that or those fears, (there may be more than one in your situation), if fear was not in the equation?

Can you begin to imagine, the results you would like to have and hold and experience, IF fear was not present?

Write these things down, what payoff would you get from following your dreams?

What fears are holding you back? & Why?

Then, where did these fears come from? Can you remove the source of those fears? And moreover, what would it take to remove the source of the fears.

What if, your best loved friend or child came to you with these questions…? What would you tell them? Then… tell that to yourself.

Over and over again, like a mantra. Even if you don’t take any action at this time, these exercises can alter your perception and offer you new ways to view your life as it is right now.

Change is inevitable, fear is optional.

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Until the next post.
Stay focused
Dan Lopez -TheUnguru

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