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new car phenomenonHave you ever found the car you wanted, which you rarely if ever have seen around, and knew you just HAD to have THAT one car….

Only to find, after you’ve purchased that sweet little set of wheels, that same vehicle is ALL OVER THE PLACE???

Speaking of wheels;7 Spiritual Centers

It seems to be happening with me for a current project I’m working on. It’s not that surprising, well.. scratch that..

It was very surprising.

To be honest, when I saw the recent competitive offering I was very intrigued as to what and how it was being promoted and delivered and everything else regarding the particular information…

This is a spiritual product.. now, since I’ve been in the spiritual practice for well over 20 years, I feel I have ascended some measure of levity in the arena.

Meaning I take it somewhat seriously, not in the stoic sense, but I’ve considered most teachings to be very honorable, and if taught wrong you’re basically messing with peoples lives.. And THAT I don’t agree with.

Now, I’m going to tangent for a minute, so bear with me here..

One of the reasons I’ve had a hard time promoting myself over the last 3 years in any sense of the term is because of one of the traditions in the spiritual practices I attend.. One which states,

“This is a program of attraction rather than promotion”

Good heavens!!!

Mind you, this isn’t the only reason, but it is the one I continuously felt in my head every time I went in the direction to get my name out there in the internet world… Locally just being myself was, just that, being myself.

While the world of internet marketing seemed to vibrate invariably towards making money and all that entailed, I felt a very sincere disconnect.  I’m not about making money, I’m about helping, of being of service, of getting you through those areas I’ve experienced and overcame.

I live modestly, I enjoy the peace and surroundings of being in nature with family and friends. I love to be loved, I don’t think anyone really doesn’t.. but promoting with what feels like artificial insemination, that if, you love me I’ll make you rich, was not something that resonated with me.

Have I made money online?

Oh yeah, at my best I was able (and is readily confirmed by Marc Goldman of to create the tune of ten thousand dollars net per month, just in affiliate email promotions alone.

But, if you’re looking for (make money crap) from this site.. sorry.

On the other hand if you’re sincere and honest about getting through the confusing tumultuous parts of life, this site WILL help you see things differently. I just need to do a better job promoting, ha ha.

So back to that New Car Phenomenon…7 spiritual centers

An old project came to light that was shelved after a client decided to vacate the land of the spiritual… And as of late, it was suddenly something of great interest to those looking to know more about their spiritual centers.

Off I go to start the process of taking what I had, and building a solid promotion around it.

Then from out of the blue (which is what always happens, a bit on that in a moment) a dear friend sent me to an optin with an awesome Robert Caldidni  slash Glenn Livingston approach to engage you to know more about your spiritual centers..  The Chakras as they are termed.

The phenoenon explained;

Everything is here, always was here, the more involved you are with anything, the more you will intuitively become aware of that which you are involved in. It’s not the universe talking to you or things suddenly appearing out of the ether whenever you engage in something deeply…

You are just more in tuned to what you have put a lot of energy into.
So it’s extremely natural for you to become that much more aware of the same car as yours, the same house colors as yours, the same dress you’re wearing on an unflattering body, or even a body that may (in your eyes) out shine you… It’s just a natural acuity to something you attached your emotions to.

That being said let me digress…

Skeptical and intrigued at the same time, I went through their process to find line after line of misinformation and sheer nonsense about “the what’s and the how’s” about what can and can’t be done concerning your spiritual centers.. and they seemed to be more geared towards sucking you into the tribe than actually bringing you to new levels of understanding.

They obviously did a great job, for over 200,000 people have taken their test and signed up for their report.  So, of course I want to know how the hell they do that…?

Well, I went the full boat and purchased the program after getting the results from the test..  I needed to know exactly what I’m up against, since the selected reviews were of course, positive.

My greatest source of disdain;

If you’ve been in the self -help buying side a while you may have seen the charlatan procedure which the promoter used an old method of false activity to create social proof (in this case) the spiritual openings .. weak vs. strong,  by doing the “hold your hand up and say your name, now say a different name.. say I am [your name] while holding your hand up,”  I’ll now push down on your hand… and now say someone elses name, and I’ll push down on your hand, you see how you were stronger with Your name than with another name?

OMFG I wanted to .. well lets say  I got a bit emotional.


This dog & pony show, for the uninitiated is amazing in its results.
It’s proof positive that what you do, think and feel, effects you physically, mentally and spititually…


It just proves that if I apply pressure to a certain area along your arm I can exact the results I want with the help of gravity. See?

I don’t mess with people’s reality,  spirituality, recovery, or with their lives. To me, this is the greatest of misgivings one can do to another.

On a side note;

Your imagination is the next thing to your faith. Without imagination you most likely have little or no faith.

On another note;

The placebo is an amazing tool.  So if you are experiencing results from disinformation in the positive… Who am I to judge? Your faith alone [and nothing else] has healed you.

 The Gift of Tones, something I’m working on, has been getting awesome reviews so far.The Gift of Tones
It’s being polished up and just about ready for promotion.
I’m actually having a lot of fun doing it, which tells me “I’m either on the right path or I’m insane. ”

  • Do you meditate?
  • Are you sensitive?
  • Do you indulge in woowoo?
    lol, no other way to describe that one..

Reason I ask is, I created some recordings a while back, when a friend of mine was helping a blind person… We wanted to send them the recordings so they would be able to open their spiritual centers (Chakras) The recordings actually contain the sounds made of the centers opening, and I added some binaurals along with colored tones to facilitate that which could not be seen…

I gave them to a friend, whom I helped facilitate the activation of her Merkeba… If you haven’t done this, I could show you, no problem…

My question is, if you know you’re sensitive.. (not a major factor, but I found that those who have shifted a bit helps) would you want to review the recordings? They’re numbered and in mp3 format so to improve use on available devices… if so.. just let me know.

They’re 3-5Mb eachGift of Tones
They’re 35minutes long in total
They’re numbered
And they are kinda powerful…

Don’t listen to them at normal volume lvl’s, lower your volume to 2 or 3… and use headphones…

There are no vocals voices or subliminals involved.. someone was concerned about that, so I thought I’d place that disclaimer in there…

I’ve recently released them publically and currently seeking reviews…


Simlpy  Enter Your Email Below And Complete Your Order On The Following Page…


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Until the next post.
Stay focused
Dan Lopez -TheUnguru

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