Even the oracles know whats going on

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ARIES: March 21 – April 20: You keep getting hassled by someone who isn’t ready to look at themselves. At this point it seems like you have become the scapegoat for everything that never worked in their lives. Even if you’re pissed, there’s no sense in activating more anger with a defensive attitude. At times like this knowing how to deflect negative energy, or protect yourself from it is a Godsend. You could call in the Witch Doctor but you’ve got enough white light and enough good sense to handle those who lash out whenever life makes it clear that they are lying through their teeth…

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Gonna plug my other site: The Tarot Side of Life
The last post goes into something I haven’t done ever.
I did a reading for the 7  Chakra centers: It kinda explains the above horrorscope pretty well, I think its worth a read…



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