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The Conscious, the Subconscious and the Superconscious.sub-super-consciousness

“How understanding the connection between these can catapult you into the realm of superachiever.”

Some time back, close to thrity years ago I had an amazing incident occur …

(yes, I have had quite a few in my life).

Like an idiot, I wanted to hang out with my friends, but I didn’t have any money to get intoxicated or even catcha buzz. And I hate being the odd man out.

So, hyper-intelligent me got to thinking, since no one was coming home for a few hours, I could water down the (gaggh) vodka with the blue label so it would appear to not have been touched, and none would be the wiser… you following this?

I don’t remember finishing the second screwdriver I made, in fact there’s a (whole lot) of that night I don’t remember. For the sake of keeping to the point of this story, I’m going to omit the epic long tale that ensued during those 7 hours and lead you right to…

The moment when I was sitting peacefully, quiet as a church mouse and off in the distance…

I could hear yelling, it was the kind of yelling that had no pause to it for breath. It was so odd, and it was getting louder by the second. I wasn’t panicking, I just thought it strange.

Suddenly it got so loud I felt like I was falling, and as I was falling the yelling became deafening. “YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH…!!”

It was so damn loud I wanted to start yelling myself, until I realized…

(I was).  I, was the one yelling.

I sounded like I had been castrated.
I opened my eyes and I was still yelling, only I was finishing a sentence…


How bizzarre, I had came out of [the blackout] yelling “I had to pee”. Apparently those of sounder mind had decided to strap me to a rolling gurney and I was unable to get up and relieve myself… (How rude!)

The instance I’m referring to is that very point, where I seemed to be observing myself, apart from the lunatic strapped to the gurney. That was the physical manifestation of me. And yet I was also hearing and feeling apart from me…CONSCIOUSNESS

  • How the heck does that happen?
  • Why did that happen?
  • And most of all, can I do that again…

Obviously I was physically functioning, albeit not in a manner that suggested I was sane at the time. But functioning nontheless.

Some conscious level was animating my physical body, while another conscious level had decided that was no place to be…

Now.. I don’t want to get all Eckhart Tolle on you… going into the whole “self vs. ego thing.”

In a bit, I’ll show you a really easy way to test this for yourself.

But if you don’t already know about the different levels of consciousness, then boy-o-boy do you have a lot of catching up to do…

In one of their chapterrs they outline the levels of the brain… [much of which I don't really care for and think that things like this really do more damage than help...]

The brain seems to be divided into at least three sections: the conscious, the subconscious and the superconscious.

The conscious mind is where our daily thinking takes place in making decisions and trying to solve problems. The conscious mind can call up ideas, experiences and beliefs from the subconscious which is where all our experiences and beliefs are stored.

The subconscious operates 24 hours a day and can handle any number of problems. One way to stimulate creativity is to consider all aspects of a problem, and then ask the subconscious to find the answer by 3 p.m. the following Friday, i.e. sleep on it!

The subconscious can be used to solve problems or rise to challenges or instructions from the conscious mind. The superconscious mind has access to knowledge and experience beyond one’s own knowledge and experience. The superconscious is the source of creativity, excitement and intuition. The superconscious mind is stimulated by clarity, strong desire, solitude and strong emotions.

(Here’s where I have a complete disconnect) The SuperConscious, does NOT GET stimulated. At least in such a way that YOU may be able to percieve, unless you’ve decided to listen to the Superconscious.)

It is maintained by some people that any desire that can be transmitted to the superconscious must be brought into reality by the superconscious mind.

Focus and concentrate on your crystal-clear goals. Drive those
goals into the superconscious. Desire to achieve your goals in life.
Reflect in solitude on goals, problems, challenges, opportunities.
Drive a great deal of emotion into your desires.

(This is also way off base… Everything in the material will be placed into the thought area.
Which by definition is the layer of the mind called consciousness, what you reflect on and meditate on will be placed in the layer of mind called the subconscious. As you achieve higher levels of consciousness, you are able to move within planes of consciousness.

Just because you focus on something has absolutely no bearing on where that focus really goes, unless its of a higher nature of service to that conscious state you are attempting to interact with.)

The superconscious will reward you with blinding flashes of the obvious, the people, information, and circumstances required to achieve your goals, and unexpected chance events which will enable you to get the results you require. Remember that any goal or desire which you can drive into the superconscious must be brought into your reality.

(End of said quoted material)

So why write such if its completely untrue?

It sure sounds nice doesn’t it? Thats exactly the reason it was written.
The subconscious itself (will) reward you, if you have given it sufficient material to work with. The more vague you are, the more vague the response. The more specific you are, the more specific the response.

That being said, YOU are the catalyst to achieving anything. I’ve heard it mentioned thousands of times in my studies.. “Mind Is The Builder” and “Thoughts Are Things”.

Most likely you’ve heard it said or read somewhere, “As A Man Thinketh…” Well,  the same principal applies here.

Case in point, I’ve been studying copywriting, and one of the coolest tricks I’ve read and succesfully applied is the method of “drop everything and take a break.”

After devouring as much content about the product or service, the benefits the features, the backgrounds… everything.. before you write a single word, just stop and walk away from the whole project.

The subconscious is now allowed to work its magic. mind-super-consciousness

And it does… The following day or even week, I sit down and everything comes like a tidal wave of information that gets written in a single sitting like a man on fire… Before I know it I have the rough draft of the very essence of what I need to get across to the reader. Don’t believe me? Ask anyone in the copywriting industry, its a known and well recognized phnomenon…

And this very fabric of achievement can be done with most everything. Albeit with a measure of latitude considering the material you’re digesting and the outcomes you’re looking to achieve.

Now: how do you test this for yourself? Mind you, You’re not going to find this anywhere ever.
Trust me, I came about this on my own, but it’s really profound I promise.

I want you to sit and read these words carefully with determination.

With your imagination you are about to feel two of you. The physical you, and very slowly the mental (observer you) just slightly, ever so slightly just to the right of you… Not so much that you’re sitting next to yourself, but more like you’re almost looking over your shoulder or ear to ear with yourself…

Take your time and feel the difference between you physically and you mentally (the observer you)… Are you getting the splitting sensation? I know this is hard while trying to read. You may feel free to take a moment and try this without reading for a bit and feel the seperation occur.

……….(Pause now and try to do this without reading)……….

Have you felt it? If you are more spiritually inclined this will have quite an effect upon you.
If you are not spiritually inclined, you may have felt nothing or had trouble doing it..
It’s not your fault, your just more left brained and need more time is all…

But those who have felt the shift, if you still doubt me, try this now…

If you can…

Exactly what I had said to do before butthis time shift your mental self (observer you) to the left. Now, try and move and feel your mental (obsever) self moving left. Where the physical self is to the right of you and the mental self is now shifting to the left just ear to ear…

Thats it..  ….(Pause again and really try to do this)….


It wasn’t so easy to do now was it?

What the heck was that all about?

Did you get a rubberband effect? Like you kept snapping back to center or back to the right of your physical self?

Yes I developed that portion to totally mess with your head, I won’t lie, but also to make a very distinct and powerful point.

This was the battle of your left and right brain in conflict. Where logic vs. creativity or imaginative and intuitive parts of your processing seem to repell each other naturally.

I want to congratulate you though, in all honesty. You have taken a very critical step in achieving, not only an altered state of consciousness, you have literally witnessed the current limitation of that perception of consciousness. And in doing so, you’ve begun to actually shift yourself to a greater awareness of yourself.

I have an audio series which helps facilitate even greater level of awareness.

You can find it here :

Until the next post…
Stay Focused,
Dan Lopez

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