Warren Buffet Says Don’t Buy Gold

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I’m seeing it everywhere, aren’t you? On commercials, in print Ads
and lately on Facebook ads… Buy Gold!buy gold

Well I may be wrong, but not too long ago I was watching some financial news channel and they quoted Warren stating that gold had already maxxed out. This is not the time to buy.

In fact the time time (To Buy) had passed some time ago.

Yet the flood of contrary information continues.
Lets face it, if an items worth doubles, where would you have liked to have been?

Me too…

If you watch TV for any amount of time, the message to market
seems pretty damn clear. Any network other than the news networks are clamoring for you to SELL Your Gold. While the news networks keep pounding Gordon Liddy for you to Buy Gold!

Are the networks under the impression that if you watch any other
channel outside the news networks, you Need to sell your gold?

Conversely if you watch the news networks, are you in position
To Buy?

I don’t know about you, but…
Me thinks this be B.S.

Now Now.. hear me out a minute…

There’s some crazy arse fear that the U.S. money system will
collapse and only those who possess gold will be the ones
who’ll make it out with everyone else dying all around them.

I don’t know why I think this is insane, but it is.

No one will know how to measure the actual value of gold once
the collapse has been established. I’m sure some knucklehead
somewhere will open his mouth and proclaim its worth and the
sheep will listen like the small minded usually will.

And that will be the end of that.

But as for every merchant being able to competently
assess, on-site, whatever worth, your little coinage maybe?
Like, how much gold, is actually present, (in) your gold. And all
that metallurgy testing, that will be required, to summize the
amount you’ll need for a slice of bread.

All I can say is “Good Luck with that.”

Will all this happen in our lifetime? Who knows?who knows
Will it happen in our childrens lifetime? Again.
Who REALLY knows for certain?

In fact, it may just happen that you’re more likely to be killed for your gold, before you even get a chance to use it. Like I said though… who knows? Look at this this way, gold, it doubled from $800 to $1600 in record time right? And basically $1600 can roughly get you $800 dollars worth of gas at todays prices… Not even that, if you really think about it…

So what the heck do you think gold is (REALLY) gonna be worth when the bottom falls out? Who knows?

On the other hand, I do believe it wise to get back
to basics. Get back to family values, the rights and
wrongs of life. The respect and honor of keeping ones
word between each other. This by far can go further than any other
scheme concocted by the best of them.

In the meantime, stay focused on whats in front of you.
Be mindful of what the rumblings are, but don’t let
them consume you into hasty decisions.

Over the last few years, I’ve stuck with a decision I made,
about where my merchant account and email services were to
be hosted, and I’ve really no reason to leave that decision today.

–Goldbar: http://danlopez2012.com/goldbar.php

While all the people with 6yr old stats and pretty pictures are squirly
about the future. I’ve been pretty secure that all my systems stay
intact, and on the back end of it all? Everyday is business as usual.

If you haven’t setup your business online yet?
You could do well to look into Goldbar to have everything setup
for you in one rocksolid, easy to implement, stable location.

Till the next post,
Be Focused…
Dan, the Un-Guru

PS: Please, please, please, please!!! Whatever you do? Don’t Buy Gold Stock! If you succumb to the whims of speach and do decide, its a match for you right now, get the real thing. Hard Cold Metal in hand, not another promisary note.

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