Twitter Salvation System Bonus Audio Interview

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Salvation Through Twitter?

The Twitter Salvation System
Recently an incredible explosion of Twitter users embraced and literally
swooned over the Drayton Byrd Mentored Superstar Kenneth Yu!

This Award winning copywriter in his own humble light has earned accolades in
the highest reaches of his field. Yielding countless assignment requests
in a single week.

Now!! The Mezmorizng Captivating Secrets of Twitter Fan Capturing,
Is yours by simply following Kenneth’s style of Brand Mastery and
Persona building.

In this incredible explosion of the web 2.0 social network Twitter, it’s not;
Who You Know! It’s Who Knows You!

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And now for a rare one time only engagement he’s going to answer your
questions during a teleseminar with persuasion specialist Stuart Tan!

Kenneth Yu

Copywriting And Twitter Expert

Stuart Tan

Speaker, Bestselling Author

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