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Merry Christmas Everyone! I think I have a gift under the tree for you today.

Not long ago, I was watching one of those big guru
launches. I won’t mention which one, they all seem to
have the same message after a while so it really doesn’t
matter which one..

What I (was) interested in…  Were the comments.


I think so much can be learned, more from the comments of
these launches, than from the actual launch itself.

I’ll list a few items here for you and (you can tell me) if any
of these ring true for you, okay?

Lets get started..

People generally don’t know, what to do next. They ask questions like;

“Will you be showing us the technical aspects of doing what you just mentioned?
I’ve taken a lot of courses where I have heard these types of strategies before, but I’ve been stopped by the technical aspects of implementing the concepts.”

Now, I personally read this, in the comments, repeated many times during a launch. And usually, there are no responses to these type of questions.

People don’t know how to set up there site.

They don’t know how to set up their domain, or they don’t even know the difference, between a domain and a website. Don’t laugh, this is a wide spread epidemic.

They don’t know what a hosting account is.

They don’t know how to point their domain’s DNS server to their hosting account.

They don’t know what Cpanel is, or how to set up the domain name through cpanel.

Don’t worry if any of these don’t describe you, cuz if they don’t? You should be watching something else. And I might just get to that later in this message.


How do I install a WordPress blog?questions

How do I install a theme on my brandy new blog?

How do I make small changes on the blog so the search engines can find my important stuff?

How do I install plugins?

How do I work with widgets?

How do I monetize my blog? …

Seriously, these are all real commented items I see in many launches. And I want to to help all these people by replying to them all.

But, that would be insane. Why?

Mainly because, lots of these people, don’t come back, and see if there was a response to their comment.

Many, are just so frustrated with the simplest of to do’s, they simply leave. Or, follow the launch with baited breath hoping their question will be answered.

Only to get another email promotion, and begin their diatribe all over again.

After about 20 pages, or so, of reading these comments, I wanted to stop the presses. And just hammer out a product, that addressed all these fundemental issues once and for all.

I mean, I know first hand.
There’s nothing worse than, knowing you could, if you only knew how.

But, one thing I can’t stand doing is re-inventing the wheel.

J. Bak, is someone I honestly never met before. (I hate when marketers lie about their affiliations), so I won’t presume to ever do such. But, I  looked at his dead simple course. And, I’ll be damned, if he didn’t just answer every non-geek question I just listed, and then some.

From top to bottom, and a few miles in each direction. There were 111, clear cut videos, one for (every) single aspect. Oh, I know, one hundred and eleven may seem like a huge number of videos, but they’re all pretty short and straight to the point.

Leaving you with the ability to go forth and conquer in record time.
– Cheat Your Way to Blogging Riches, Even If You’re An Absolute Newbie:

If your stuck, on what to create for the market your in, watch what your competition is doing.

And pay close attention to the comments from the audience.

It’s definitely worth, doing your homework, allowing others to do the research for you.

Off i go!

Till the next post,
Be Focused…
Dan, the Un-Guru

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