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If you’ve ever had the opportunity to see Dora the explorer,
I certainly have sympathy for you… Dora’s an animated
Chicano who’s hard of hearing and runs around with a monkey named boots.
dora boots swiper
I think we should all chip in and get this girl “the miracle ear”.

As a kid I used to watch Japanese martial arts movies every saturday  afternoon and none of them ever yelled louder than Dora when she’s  asking if you know where something is…

Getting back to the story… There’s a fox on the Dora show named
Swiper. Obviously there’s a story there in and of itself but…

Dora’s been saying something marketers have been missing
for a long time now… Ya gotta stop swiping.

Well, at least at some point, it would be, in your best interest.

In 2008, as an email promotions manager, I was working for
an awesome service called Goldbar.net, I was just starting
out greener than a freakin martian in L.A.. A Total NOOB to online
promotions and a slave to the wiles of any marketer with at least
2-10 years successful experience under their belt.

Can you say impressionable? You Betcha.

It was kind of imperative (I was told) to join all the lists of
people in our industry. As we were poised, to promote enough offers
to take in at least $10k a month in commissions..

That was the goal, I did meet that goal within 2
months time, with my pathetic knowledge of email marketing.

Back then, I honestly tried to promote for our affiliations
with my own writing. But I honestly wasn’t ready.

The conversions sucked.

When I used the emails given by the owner of the products?
The conversions usually went through the roof.

After time, I wised up and looked for only the swipe copy they
provided, which was pre-tested. This means they already sent the emails
to their internal list. Sometimes to both internal (and) external lists.

Then they contacted you with the percentages and averages of the
email conversion for one or both.

Even back then I noticed the trend. Everyone, well okay, (Damn Near)
everyone was using the same swipe to send to their email lists as

I would get, at least, 10 emails a day, with the same headline and
body copy as the one (I) just sent out. I wanted to shrink, literally.

Mind you, this was back in 2008.

It doesn’t seem like much has changed.

Except my personal inbox subscription rate has been pruned several times
over the years… It still seems to be overblown with the same headlines
from different sources promoting the same thing.

I would love to sit here and say, I became a great email copywriter
and eventually started writing my own email copy for affiliate offers
and shattered records against the canned emails going out there…

But that would be a lie.

Ben Settle basically wrote the book on affiliate email marketing with
– Affiliate Trump Card: http://danlopez2012.com/promo/AffiliateTrumpCard.php

Truth is, I began work on other projects and pretty much walked
away from the email managers position.

Again, inexperience at work here.

In the end here’s what I did do.. I began to take all the similar headline
pimps and methodically unsubscribed from each and everyone.

After a while, every email they sent was all pitch with no oneswiper
driving the bus. There’s no substance, no one I can identify with.

I am totally guilty of this..

In the beginning I was writing to an audience.
Then after time, so many promotions came, that it was almost impossible to keep up. Let alone, give time to nurture my list, which had been responding to my emails with gratitude and admiration for my writing.

No sales, but they loved what they read. There’s a moral here somewhere…

Ahh, The moral. Now, I stick with that which readers love.
I write like I talk, the son of a Bronx born father with a genuine NY slang.

Sure, I’m not everyone’s Cup of Joe, and that’s fine. As I was told
years ago, If I’m Selling To Everyone, I’m Selling To No-One.”

Till the next post,
Be Focused…
Dan, the Un-Guru

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