So You Have A PLR Site?

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Hey There,
Sorry for the late response, been out of town
visiting family..
I checked your site… looks good… Don’t know if we can push it though
gotta be honest… it could use some work in the adcopy area…
I won’t leave you with that though…
A decent similar site is

Look at that sales page.. Its not earth shattering, but its defined…
Short and sweet like yours and in the same venue…

PLR’s MRR’s are their own niche, targeted for new marketers…
I really should consider doing a survey for that..
yes you can steal that thought if you wish..

Also… when submitting for a JV.. there are important details to cover…
What are the current stats?
What are you’re conversion rates?
Say I send you 100 people.. how many of those can you convert to buyers?
Same if I send you 1000 visitors?
You should know these from testing your salespages..
To testing your sales letters and email campaigns…

A lengthy process but free, is to push your product via SEO campaigns…
Or join a list renter and buy a few hundred to a thousand to ten thousand
addresses and start your own focus groups…

If your totally familiar then go for the PPC campaigns,,, but
one can and do lose their shirt in these as they are not fully
proficient in the way they are handled by the agency they use whether
its google or anyone else…

I thought this marketing gig was a no brainer before I started
And in some instances… It is.
But that Totally depends on the product and the market you choose
to get into.

These are important when offering or requesting an endorsement..
As you have seen we do on occasion promote fellow subscribers
if they have some decent numbers.. In fact we try to give them a boost as well..
Actually we get flooded with requests from our subscribers and clients [daily]

I honestly thought this request deserved some direction

Its not about the money,,,necessarily.. its about the relationship…
Actually its almost always about the relationship…
Win/Win …

Here’s a ton of words every marketer should know… I actually glomed this from Erics Tips

I enjoy his writing and think highly of his desire to help the new marketer get a feel for the marketing world Along with Andy Beard’ Marketing Pilgrim who’s been around for quite a while… wth as many subscribers as Any and Eric have I don’t think you could go wrong..

Anything else I can help you with please feel free to give me a shout…

Oh and here’s those ton of words we should all know or get to know…

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All the best

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