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They say when the pain is great enough you’ll do something about it.

Well… It’s 12AM over here so I’ll try to keep this short.
Pain is a great motivator. But its only the tip of the iceberg.

Today’s focus is on pain. (clarity)fear

Actually this is pretty interesting for any solution providers out there..

Lets take your pain, your market’s & your customers pain.

In selling the defacto for motivation is emotional, as in emotional pain.

Some time back I had a problem I couldn’t or wouldn’t face. I knew deep in my heart I needed to change something or I wasn’t long for this land of milk and honey. That was My pain.

The thing was, when I was offered the solution I was met with
the decision to either take the offer or suffer losses, huge losses.

I was already in some place I can’t even begin to touch
upon at this moment for lack of brevity. I’ve touched on that
in another post.

This (the pain) in and of itself is exactly what we need to plant
in our readers mind.

If my offer nails upon my customers pain enough, their
brain will inevitably multiply the experience and build the
desire for a solution. Stay with me here…

Not just any solution, although, if you craft the offer just
right and match the pain and surpass it with overwhelming
relief, (any solution will do) “Just fix me” Is what the reader
will be saying after we lay down the identifying nature of what
ails them.

The point is, the reader has to feel like they came to
the realization naturally. You with me?

Just because I identified something they already know,
naturally their BS detectors rise in defense of any influence
I may try to induce.

The solution has to include the reality of loss, should the reader
continue on their current path without my solution. And that loss
has to be relived in the readers mind like a movie that loops endlessly.

You ever worry on something and the scene seems to replay itself
in your head nonstop? That’s what I’m talkin about.anxiety

Back to my story…

So I was offered a better way of life, a life free of the pain I was living, and freedom from the problem I felt there was no solution, available to me.

Sound like a win, win to you, doesn’t it?

Mind you…

I was to shell out $12,000 for this solution. Yep, 12 big ones.

And, I had to leave friends and family and
go travel upstate to Rome, New York near Schenectady
(I can’t even pronounce Schenectady), during a blizzard at the end
of winter for a month.

Was I sold on it? You friggin bet your ass I was.

This happened way back in 1986, so all this is water under
the bridge now. I’m just replaying this for analogy.

The thing is, there was no talk of work, there was no talk of
change, there was no talk of daily this that or the other thing.

All that detailed feature stuff was purposefully left out.

I was hammered with benefits, one after the other. After all…
All I needed to know was that this stuff worked and it was available
to me right there and then.

I knew it promised freedom, I knew it promised change and it was
a solution to my most agonizing pain that’s been keeping me up at nights…

It’s getting late, so lets recap…finally

Does your offer reintroduce your targets pain?
Does it agitate that pain?
Does it put relief in your readers mind and you as the necessary source of that relief?
Does your offer outstandingly lay out the benefits
of whats available to your reader?
Does it induce fear? (I’m sorry, but its true.) get over it.
Does it include Fear of what will happen if they don’t act now?

I’ll have to continue this in my next post…
It’s 1AM and I promised myself I’d only write for an hour. Maybe I’ll include : How Crystal Meth increased my SEO?

I’m no copywriter, at least at this point, I was told years ago, it’s the one skill every would be success story should practice and apply to their marketing. If you want to know more about copywriting, you should look at: — Ray Edwards site —

Till the next post,
Be Focused…
Dan, the Un-Guru

PS: It takes years to be a true overnight success. At the least 2yrs. The ones I look up to, usually have at least ten years under their belt.

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