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I had to collect myself after hangin with JMO for a few
hours. There were so many marketers there, I was eating up
the chat like an all night buffet. And my head was pounding
there for a while.

Matt Bacak, Matt Trainer, NickTheGeek, DonnaFox, RyanMoran..
You get the idea.. Well before and after the prank calls,
and I still think he shoulda called coachdeb, who was in Hawaii
at the time and woulda got an answering machine anyway] there were
a bunch of questions flying about concerning “The Secret”.
And the Law of Attraction.

So many people have been asking about whether Jason was into it
and who else was into it. And does it work and all that.

Pfft!!! Is all I have to say… Eh Nahh, just kidding.. Ya, It works.
It’s a truth that stands whether you believe in it or not.
In fact you are a living example of proof that it works.

As the song goes, “WHERE’S YOUR HEAD AT !?!?”

Are you making headway in this marketing world or are you slavishly
flailing about trying to make ends meet like you’ve ALWAYS been?

Are you complaining that your getting bombarded constantly with makemoney offers that absolutely turn your gut wondering how these
freakin people are makin it?

Don’t feel bad there are literally Millions, I mean MILLIONS of others
just like you just waiting to be your friend. So you can get together and complain together. What joy! What Rapture! What Rot!

Where’s Your Head At?

In fact when you see someone you haven’t seen in so long, you forgot
their name? You can always greet them with “Hey how’s that old complaint?” I guarantee it’ll fire up the conversation in a flash
like you just picked it up from a day ago!

Hell, it works for me!

All those things I just mentioned are states of mind, and in your mind are thoughts. And thoughts are things, “Remember That”

Thoughts Are Things! They Live and Manifest…. and attract!

Like begets like? Right? Birds of a feather and all that crap?

Check this out?
Anything you want, Whenever you want!
Did you know every time I lost a lot, it returned 10x greater?
I changed where my head was at. I wrote about it here

Did you know? That dicipline is the opposite of fools gold?

Are you a fool? Honestly? Biggest blame fool in the jungle of Nool?

Just take any hundred people at the start of their working careers and follow them for forty years until they reach retirement age, and here’s what you’ll find., according to the Social Security Administration: Only one will be wealthy; four will be financially secure; five will becontinue working, not because they want to but because they have to; thirtysix will be dead; and fiftyfour will be dead broke–dependent on their meager Social Security checks, relatives, friends, even charity for a minimum standard of living.

Thats 5% successful, 95% unsuccessful.

Where’s Your Head At!?!? Am I getting through to you now?

With that in mind? Lighten the hell up!
Not everyone is born an entrepneuer. Not everyone is gonna set the market on fire. But hey! It sure would be fun to freakin try huh?

Damn right it would! But back to the LOA. Can it work for you?

Uh, in a word, YA!?!?

Well, you have to test yourself to find out. How? It’s not that hard.
Sign up for free up there and I’ll share the steps it actually takes to go from here to there…

I’m also compiling peoples latest trials and tribs on the matter, so if you wanna share your rants and stumbles as it happens I’m all ears..

What the heck I’ll even throw in a few bonuses while I’m at it.
Just don’t expect it all in one shot after all, you’re a mess right?

Well, too much of a good thing’ll spoil ya. Aint that what they told ya?

Well maybe they were wrong? In fact THEY WERE!

See ya


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