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Nowadays, lots and lots of people seem to be really interested in making money through the internet, and one of the most popular ways are through internet marketing. From there on, a lot of ebooks have been produced and marketed to earn money from this market. Some of them are ebooks with really good infos while others are just junks marketed with lots of promises and guarantees to find out lots of customers getting mad and refund the products.

On February 1st, Frank Kern is going to release a very much anticipated Mass Control Marketing ebook that cost $3000. What is so amazing about this product to cost this much? Is Mass Control Marketing really worth the money or junks that is marketed with too much hype ? To answer this question, we will need to check who is Frank Kern and what’s his achievement in Internet Marketing

Looking back at history, on October 29th 2007, Frank Kern released the first Mass Control class that sold out in just under 20 minutes with no affiliates and no real launch process to a tiny list of 8,500 people. The e-class is sold at $2,997 with no payment option and all 50 clients paid in full, right on the spot! Frank Kern is also the person who has been responsible to launch:

  • StomperNet which netted 18,3 million dollars on the first day
  • Brad Fallon’s Pipeline Profit for $3,1 million dollars on the first day
  • Neill Strauss’ Serializer for $10 million dollars on the day it launched


So what is this Mass Control Marketing ?
Mass Control Marketing is actually a system of selling to customers without the typical pushy sales tactics.

  • It’s a system that teaches you how to build customer list the easy way. Frank used the same formula to generate 400K subscriber for his niche business
  • It’s a master lesson of human buying psychology. His system also teaches copywriting skills were able to increase your CTR rate and lead the customers to buy whatever he is selling.
  • ‘How to build relationship with your customer’ is also one of the important parts of his sytem.

The bad side of Mass Control Marketing is the price is so steep and not all of us have that kind of money to spend to buy ebooks. Sure, this system also provides a lot of amazing bonuses, but with the price of $3000, it might scare a lot of beginners. Other than that, judging from the reputation and achievement of Frank Kern, his product never disappoint his customers. You might want to mark your calendar February 1st for its release date if:

  1. You are having trouble with building customer list
  2. You have customer list, but dont have a clue on how to monetize of the list
  3. Dont have a good relationship with your customer
  4. You have no idea on how human psychology of buying works and how it can help you

Access to 33 page reports and videos of how Mass Control Marketing works. For more information, please see and the blog at

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