John Reese The friend of many, Returns..

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Dan Lopez here, I wanted to say…

“Happy Fouth to my Continental friends in the States”

And extend our garatitude to everyone else abroad!

We just ran a few webinars on implimenting a 5 step strategy
for developing your business online.

Trust me, there are more people breaking in to marketing
online than there are full time marketers.

Getting your name in front of THOSE prospects is a
stupendous challenge. Not impossible, not by a long shot,
is it impossible. But, trust me… quite the challenge..

And Now!?!?

Many marketers remember John Reese’s somewhat ‘famous’
“Traffic Secrets” launch back in 2004. You know, the one
that created the “Million Dollar Day?”

And most remember the huge amount of success stories that
were created from people that got the course and put it to

Well, little did most people know that John has been quietly
testing hundreds of ALL-NEW traffic methods and strategies
to take that original course to another level.

Here at Goldbar.. Er,,,scratch that, forget I wrote that…
I sound like a pompous windbag commercial..

Marc has been friends with John since before his famous
day. These types of relationships don’t dissolve over night.
They are cultivated and strengthened with time.

John is known for over delivering on quality and content. I
just can’t say enough for the guy… I personally, am not a
fan of too many people in the marketing arena.

So, instead of hyping you to death,, here’s the dirt..
You get one… no, not one! Two revealing videos
geared for attracting more customers and building traffic.

I think you have to sign up for the second, but its a
no charge sign up… we got a sneak peak, the course is
well, unbelievably loaded with years of tested data.

John, never goes small, when it comes to his product.
You have done a good thing for your business just by
visiting his site…

No one regrets John’s courses, Ever…

Ok that was hypee, but it is completely true.
Why you still reading Go.. I urge you.

Enjoy the show and…
To your success,

Dan Lopez
Promotions Manager

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