In the beginning I couldn’t do it

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The side story; so, you don’t feel like you came in on the middle of  a conversation…

Friend of mine, is about to join a group, similar to a community within

My friend is a master practitioner in the arts of healing, energetic and holistic in many areas such as physical, spiritual, emotional.


To get a foot in the door, my friend will have to create a free offering called the loss-lead deliverable. A report or audible or video which both introduces them as an authority and targets areas of interest to the market.

The question was, what should that be…?

This is me, giving a rare podium preaching;
(we now continue with the discussion now in progress…)

Think of it this way,,,
What problems do you solve…?

Everything you learned takes away pain of one form or another…

List those pains, and then prescribe you’re learned solution to each..

Then hammer which one would be most likely to be relieved first

Or list them all, pains and solutions…
Remember, keep it obvious to yourself, it may not be obvious to the reader..

That’s your job, to enlighten them…

Of everything you list, in the down-loadable or whatever
you deliver, give one thing away that has a proof concept.

Something they can do now, that will answer a problem of
some sort.. this creates credibility in the din of experts around you.

Say, you want to be focused, but don’t think you
know how to focus”

I say BS, you and everyone around you can focus…focus

Here, I’ll show you… {warning: this really works}

Take a long breath and exhale… now.

I want you to focus on your heart,

Place your hand on your chest and feel your heart,

Feel it until you can count the beats yourself…

Got it? Great…

Now, I want you to look at the nearest wall…

Can you see the patterns on the wall, what are they?

What color is the wall?

Are there paint marks? Is there texture, keep focusing until
you can easily recognize patterns…

Okay, now…

I want you to go back to your chest and feel your breathing…

Place your hand on your chest..
Feel your chest as it expands and contracts with every breath you take..

Do that for a minute, I’ll wait…

Feel the air leaving and rushing back in….

Listen to this…

You just, (not only), focused successfully, You did it
with 3 different things…

You say this was nothing?

In the beginning, I couldn’t do it.

And here, You, are doing it on the first try. You said you didn’t
know if you could focus on anything..

You see what I’m getting at?

No argument can compare to one dramatic demonstration:

–Claude Hopkins

That was a hyper condensed version, and would be better in audio,
so they can follow along rather than be distracted with the reading…

But its a simple giveaway they [the reader or prospect] can achieve on their own, which gives you credit, that you know what your talking about, and can help them further…

Say you have a little known remedy, don’t worry if its known in the esoteric circle… most people, even in the health and wellness of holistics don’t know shoot it out there anyways..

I don’t mind if you take that for your own.. It’s something I came across, so its not original to me either… I don’t even remember where I got it..

But, the execution of delivering something they can immediately apply,
creates an experience for them – the reader, that will set you apart.

Keep it simple…keep-it-simple-stupid-kiss

Keep it obvious… remember.

It’s obvious for you, but not for everyone.

Here’s one serious trick… stop second guessing yourself, and just do things.

It doesn’t even matter what, as long as you start,
things will begin to work with the start of the energy being put forth.

Here’s the other thing… keep doing it… and keep doing it some more…

There’s a kind of drag that occurs, and it hits everyone.. either emotional, physical, mental even spiritual..

The discipline is to keep moving even when the drag is heavy. Its just way too easy to pause, and think your bending to be compassionate to life’s challenges…

To hell with that. This is a pattern that needs nurturing, and in order to continue to foster it, it must be continued through the hard points…

Whatever you give away free…? only let that one thing, be the “How to do”, everything else you mention in your giveaway is a “what to do”.

If they want to learn more about how to do,
they need to get with you in order to find out..

It’s shit or get off the pot time.

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Off i go!

Till the next post,
Be Focused…
Dan, the Un-Guru

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