Frank Kerns Mass Control – 2 Dirty Secrets You Should Know

Do You Think Mass Control Is A Secret?

It really depends because anyway it sounds more like Frank Kerns Mass Control product launch and all. Now that the waves has died down I’d like to make a small confession. If you’re reading this then please keep in mind that these are personal opinions and nothing else.

Dirty Secret 1: The Psychology Behind The Entire Launch

There are many marketing lessons that you can learn from Frank Kern just by being in his list. The free videos and the stuff he sends out is just so “by the way” it totally grabs attention.

In short, he is a genius marketer in terms of gaining a connection with the masses. Honestly, if you look closer it could be possible that the whole product launch was full of classic marketing class acts.

Why? You see, marketers are good at planning and carrying out those tasks. You could say that even Franks’ personality could even be a marketing mask in itself meant to ‘appeal’ to the masses.

Dirty Secret 2: Find Any Truth Behind The I.M. Curtain?

Now, this is like the big bomb that I’ve never really thought off but please be imaginative to more ideas as we discuss. Notice the entire Frank Kerns mass control campaign was centered around saying that he didn’t contact his list and made all that money.

Nothing wrong with telling this story but here is where you can legitimately question yourself, “is this stuff and story really legit? how much % of this is really true?”. There’s been enough hype in the I.M. curtain that nothing is ever what it seems.

Even More Key Learning Points

If you bought Frank Kerns mass control product then good on you but the fact is you could learn even more if you analyzed his launch as an outsider. Besides, no new marketer could just by his product and earn a million dollars overnight.

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