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Lead In: I’ve been chatting on and off with Jason for a while since he re-lauched his site. Since then I have been on a masters of marketing kick.
Studying the greats. And I’m having great success modeling the Under, or should I say
Over-UnderAchievers in the IM world.

I’m an Email marketer, for “who have disclaimed anything I ever say in public ;-)

You may not know this but, I have a reach as deep into the hudreds of thousands.
Not to mention our Affiliates and JV Partners. So I really have to be on point when we
send something out. Its also the reason why this blog has such an unrefined design.

Jason may be one of the wakiest nuts in the bunch, but in his
own light Jason is also one of the most ingenious marketers today.

And I give him great honor and respect for that.

And so, I wanted to share an article I found, that he wrote sometime back.

Its just good stuff.
So, without further ado, I give you Jason “Profit” Moffatt;


Frank Kern and Ed Dale have coined the term “Underachiever” very
effectively during the last year. What is a Underachiever many ask?

This can be best described by saying this: “A Underachiever is one
who does the least amount of work, yet reaps the most amount of
benefits for that lack of work”.

It doesn’t get any better then that, don’t you agree? However,
nobody is fooled into thinking that the Underachiever method
allows you to push 2 or 3 buttons and head off to the local
Saloon while the email you sent out is making you millions.

I’ll admit, the Underachiever process does take a bit of work.
But the second you compare it to slaving away on a construction
site, it seems like effortless child’s play.

Frank Kern has definitely taken Underachieving to a whole new
level. His approach to niche marketing has been aped by too
many to mention in the internet marketing community, and
wisely so. This Underachiever process really works. People
would not be jocking his style so hard if it were not effective.

Good old Frank “Superbad” Kern has taught me a insanely valuable
lesson in the last few days. That lesson has been about
prioritizing my time.

You see, I’m often known as a “Forum Whore”. Yes, I said it,
Forum Whore. I slut out on all kinds of forums like John
Reese’s Marketing Secrets Forum, Warrior Forum, Michael Green’s
How to Corp Forum. However, when looking at what I could be
doing instead of spending times in these forums, it’s obvious
I’m wasting time and money.

So why am I here typing this right now? Isn’t this a waste of
time too?

Well not really. You see, now I’m “Article Whoring”. I’m
writing this article in hopes that others in the internet
marketing communtity will pick up this article and use it for
content on their websites, blogs, or splogs ( sure scrape me for
your splog you chump) for Adsense Revenue.

At the bottom of this article there will be a link to my site
that reviews the newest “Underachiever iPack Product”. It is
my hopes that you visit this site, like it, buy it, and bam
I get to take my old lady to Sizzler. Boo Yaaaaaaaaaa.

So, my journey from “Forum Whoring” to “Article Whoring” has
officially began. Why are you still reading this? Shouldn’t
you be buying from my site below? Ok, just kidding.

Back to the Macon Mafia Master, Frank Kern.

This dude has literally changed my thinking. Before I was
floundering around the world wide web screwing off and
making lot’s of friends. Now, I’m on a mission to build
a niche empire with my tiny little Underachiever sites.

The beautiful thing about this Underachiever process is
that it was built for folks who might not be net savvy.
Even if you have never built a website in your life, you
can go through this process. It really is that easy. All
that is required for you is to follow Frank’s simple
Camtasia videos where he walks you through the entire

When evaluating all the things I have learned in my life,
I can honestly say there is not one single thing that compares
with the knowledge attained by going through the Underachiever

I dearly love these guys for looking out for the little folks,
and making this crucial info so attainable for anyone. If you
would like a sneak peek into the Underachiever iPack then
visit the links below where I’ll show you some videos of exactly
what’s in the latest “Underachiever iPack”.

Wishing you the very best with you Niche Marketing Empires,

Jason “Profit” Moffatt

Jason Moffatt is the recipient of the coveted “Underachiever of the Year” award. His iPack Review site gives you sneak peek videos that allow you to have a glimpse inside the latest Underachiever product the iPack.

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