Your Story Touched My Heart

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I’ve heard its horrific for women in social media.

I’m very sorry for what assholes online-galyou encounter. They will always be there, but more so, when they can hide themselves and act contrary to their open public persona’s.

The more attractive you are the more they appear. These bottom feeders are to be expected, not accepted, but expected.

I was recently called “online famous”, by a dear friend. While I was, of course, flattered, I thought I might give at least a part of my side.

I know heavy hitters because I promoted most of them through which used to be a force among many in the email campaigns.

While I no longer am with Goldbar, I’m in the incubator to rebuild.

I don’t live in a very populated or close community. And If I’m close with my neighbors, I see them every several months apart.

That’s one of the reasons I went back to meetings even with close to 20 years abstinent from everything except coffee and cigarettes…A-Love-Uncommon

But I went back for the support, the friendship and the closeness camaraderie brings. In a non-judgmental atmosphere.
Something completely uncommon anywhere on this planet.

Ahh, so getting back to my social activity… I’m there, purely due to being lonely for company.

As for the ability to gain income from such?

At the time, I entered, with the only motive of engaging and befriending the marketers of the day.

So, if and when I rebuild my list, and create a new program, I have interested colleagues, or several channels to get the word out.

Alas, when Goldbar & I dissolved our relationship it removed my 30% royalties and left me penniless.

But I don’t begrudge or blame, its something that happened is all.

I am responsible for everything in my life, this is something of a mantra, I’ve been telling myself of late which seems to get me through the seeming insanity I used to feel like hell about.

I’ll continue…

Off I went to learn SEO, and overwhelmed myself, with trying to absorb 30 years worth of material in 2 months.


While, all that knowledge, from Goldbar affiliate marketing and membership building and email too much informationpromotions was deeply rooted in me… All the SEO stuff was packed in on top of that.

I became the man who knew too much.

A shit metric ton of information and no where to start.

And then the abusive relationship with my wife came to a head.

Relenting to eliminate my constant urge to commit suicide was becoming a daily challenge.

If I had any self worth at all whatsoever, that was continuously stripped of my possession with every passing engagement with my wife.

These sessions of dehumanizing were worst felt when they were exposed with my daughter present.My-why

Remember, I’m still responsible for everything in my life… I’m not a victim or traumatized, I don’t have a syndrome, or at least any that I can’t recover from. I am responsible for everything in my life.

But the head came when I was off to do a side job for a friend, and my wife didn’t believe me. She thought I was just leaving to get away from her… so she blew up and then physically attacked me…

Upon the 2nd or 3rd assault, I defended myself and threw her off of me. She stumbled back and said “that was all she needed” and called the cops to have me removed from my home.

Since then, I’ve mourned the loss of that marriage like the mourning of a living loved one who had passed…

And I’ve come out the other side of it. And propelled right back to square one.
In the beginning of my marketing experience I was told…

“STUDY Copywriting.”

Yes its going to take a while, but anything worth doing is worth doing wrong. Until I get it right.

So, I don’t have back deals going on, there are no secrets of the riches in marketing. Most of the stuff (out there) does work. It just takes time and effort, and, in many areas, money and outsourcing.

Other than that?

Long lasting, job crushing online income comes, (IMHO), not from Social anything, but from real world doing. Doing what has worked from the very beginning of advertising.

Not as the holy grail, not as the only trick in the bag. But as the best place to start.

If you can learn the art of salesmanship?Marketing Salesmanship

Everything else is just an added bonus to multiply everything you have to offer.

Then test everything, and fail quickly. Accept, what you learned, as what you “Got From” the effort you put forth. So, you can eliminate or apply and build from it.

Taking stock in yourself is the greatest thing one can do in any lifetime. Be brutally honest with yourself, and list things, and then try to think of them differently, as an outsider looking in would see your list.

This isn’t easy, and requires quite a stretch of courage, most people just don’t care to face themselves no matter how bad a life they’re creating for their loved ones and themselves.

I’m developing a short course to do just that. .. well honestly I wasn’t, but, do you think it would be appealing?together-we-can

I would love to hear your opinion about what you would want to get from such a course..

Don’t be shy…
Here’s where you enter your suggestion or opinion in the comments below.

Until the next post.
Stay focused
Dan Lopez -TheUnguru

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One Comment on Your Story Touched My Heart

  1. Danielle Miller on Wed, 12th Jan 2011 12:08 am
  2. oh my friend…

    How do I possibly capture my emotions and put them into words? I am horrified and saddened by what you have gone through; I am awed and humbled by your courage, strength, and resilience…and I am honored and grateful to call you friend.

    I think you are incredibly brave to share your story with such honesty and heart. To take your lessons with the intent to helping and supporting other is admirable.

    The thing is, is that no matter what you decide to do, it will be amazing because it will have your passion, your spirit and your incredible insight.

    Personally, I can’t wait to see what brilliance you decide to show us…I got my shades on waitin’!

    Blessed to call you my friend


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