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As posted to Calyton Makepeace and Tony Flores’ blog on the “CopyWriter Conspiracy”;

Hi Tony, Hi Clayton,

Dan Lopez here again, I wanted to retell my story as you
requested… So here we go…

It was dark, I thought I knew Dark? You may feel you know
dark also, well..

You don’t KNOW dark… give me a minute or two, and I’ll
tell you what I mean.

Few years back, my 2 year old daughter came into a rare life
threatening disease that made cerebral palsy look promising.

A few years before that! My teenage daughter was brutally
attacked and then ended her assailants pathetic life. Some
time before that, in my decent into despair. I spent two
months committing suicide. No–Not attempting, committing..

Only thing was—my body, it just didn’t know when to die.

I’d lost everything I had 4 times over, everything. I’ve been
homeless, a blackout drunkard, a delinquent, a druggie, a
thief and a stolen motor cycle riding beggar eating cheese
fries as my only meal with a glass of water every other day.

Three thousand miles away from everything I ever knew.
Sleeping under an abandoned carport of an abandoned dinner.

To me [and obviously to others]it seemed: The devil didn’t
want me and God wasn’t done with me.

You name it? I been there. And yet this is only a SMALL
short glimpse of the full depth of my darknened life.

Have You ever been that far down? Have You ever been there
really? Had those lost hope moments, episodes, seasons?

Are they behind you? Or ahead of you?

To think, it all started the night I came home from the
hospital. Newly born in ’63 and they stole every nursery
item my parents had in the apt. That Same Night.

The crib, the changing table, the bassinet the clothes the
blankets, the formula…. EVERYTHING.

Even the damn diapers…

Nothing, No, Not One other thing in the apartment was
touched.. Jewelry, stereos watches, cash… all that,
they left behind.

Just MY stuff was gone.

So, No silver spoon here, that’s for sure. Matter of fact
its quite the opposite, wouldn’t you agree?

So,,, Dark? I know dark. I’ve been there, its always
comforting to talk to someone who’s been there and who’s had
it worse than you. I know, I’ve been able to find others who
dwarf my dark ages..

In some corners of the globe I’m considered lucky.

In fact; Right Now?

THIS, this right here? Is the most Unbelievable time of My

Over the years, I have journaled and blogged, and wrote
everything and anything that came into my head and through
the years developed a kind of following because of it.

Having been confronted with all I’ve experienced in life?
Only one thing could truly change my life forever… An that
was A Bonofied Miracle.

Recently I read this book called “Think and Grow Rich, by
Napoleon Hill”, then I read “The Master Key System by
Charles Haanel”.

I did, everything that I read to do, I did it.

In biblical terms, basically, I repented.
A more modern definition is I changed my mind
and my thinking and my behavior.

Then… not but a week later… An email came in the middle
of the night. SPAM? I hate SPAM, what is this NOW!? Business
in a box? Oh, what the heck?

People actually make money from this BS!?! How? Why?
Rubbish… Oh!? — Wait? Hey? I know this guy? No–Not the
author, but the services the author used to promote his

I went to his wedding, and he was a musketeer at mine.. Er,
long story.. Involves swords and costumes and happier

So, I reached out and got a hold of my old friend.

Marc Goldman

And the Miracles started to unfold…

He asks me if I would like to do a Joint Venture.
It seems.. He built a business from it.
And I have something he has very little of,

And an untapped talent.

Do You have an untapped talent? ‘Course you do, we all do..

He’s been a fan of my writing for years, following my once
popular blog now cobwebbed now in the Way Back Machine.

And now… 6 months later.

It seems, I went through all I did for a reason. People
relate to hardship and suffering. To an internal knowing
that it CAN be different. You want reassurance, you’re not

So, after One, just ONE Joint Venture?


I help people, people like me who had, and have it hard, but
somewhere deep held on for dear life that it could and would
get better. In spite of ourselves.

I help people—build on those dreams and take charge of
their lives. With the simple click of a SUBMIT button, I
REACH OUT TO LITERALLY thousands to tens of thousands of
people looking to be where I am now.

Working from home, paying the bills, finally spending awesome
time with my family and doing things and going places.

Partnering with the best talents on the internet. Making
friends with the best names in the industry. And racking in
tens of thousands a month in sales.

Rags to riches?
this is Night VS Day!
this is Dark VS Light!

Promotions Manager Can’t stop me now!! Woot!

Let Me show YOU how life can change…when You change!
And I’ll leave you with these facts thanks to Brian.

Secrets Of Millionaires
And The Dark Shall Be No More

All comments are welcome.


Keep an eye out for my super ninja spider monkeys… they rock!

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3 Comments on You think You know Dark_My Story_My Secret

  1. Jamie Inman on Sun, 17th May 2009 12:34 pm
  2. Bless you, my dear Dad. Ever heard of Corrie ten Boom? She and sister spent time at Auschwitz. Sister said, “When you leave, tell people about the love of God. They will believe you, because you have been here.”
    She has a brother in you.
    I do as well.

  3. Heather Siebens on Thu, 24th Sep 2009 1:49 am
  4. Dan…. words can never describe how amazing thru Jesus you have been!! How you have touched my life big time—have such a heart… and I can see why you care so deeply… and you reach out to so many!! That is His gift for you… one… out of many many many you have!!! We have some major commons that amaze me… He sure brings those who have gone thru similar “stuff” to understand each other more– to uplift the other… and that is sure a gift you have!! You will conquer so much more in your life… keep Jesus in your focus… He will unfold all of this for sure… it wasn’t fate… or luck… it is all HIM!! AMEN!! He so has you here for BIG REASONS… never let that go!!!!!

    @AliveinMe @EpilepsyCures

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