Seriously.. Does your marketing strategy look like this?

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Holy poop! When I saw this I nearly choked!

I definitely have to share it with a few friends… Y’all know who you are now don’t make me name names and what not.

This comes to mind, and I don’t mind sharin it either. As a marketer, every freakin book and article on the planet says, “Don’t send people outside of your website, your bounce rate will increase, your page rank will decrease, your authority will be in question, you must BE an Authority in your niche and you must dominate with extreme prejudice so they will sign up and you can sell them sh!t. Oh yeah, “Typos included in posts.”

Good Lord! It’s a freakin Blog for petes sake. I find most of my information from bouncing from site to site after a plethora of searches ranging from direct keywords and phrases to tangent related informative searches.

Let’s be freakin real here. How often do you enter a query into google and find what you’re looking for on the first link, 2nd or even 3rd? Some times or ever? I go deep into pages of results most times, because I know the results are skewed. Even & especially for mfg specific items.

So once in a while, instead of writing oodles of pages ilke a demon trying to deliver relevant content like an avalanche maniac and a “LOOK AT ME I WROTE A BILLION PAGES ON THE SUBJECT, I KNOW SOMETHING”? What I do is go to my tools, look at my categories section, run the tool and see the results, I gather a good number of those results and import them to the blog. Google doesn’t like it so much, but you know what?

F*** them! Am I writing for those who decided I’m a good egg and worth reading? Or am I writing for Google to Bless me from high above their technogodlike regime? Eh, my votes for you.. Like anything else, I am me always will be always have been.. I’m not a follower and won’t voluteer to be a leader.

But if you have befriended me? We’re good. And I’ll do whatever I can to help. So I post 70 freakin articles with outgoing links to the source of those articles? So WHAT!?!? If you found it here? And it helped you? I accomplished my service. No thanks needed, if it happend more than a few times… I thnk you’ll notice something and might be inclined to stick around for the more personal and or relevant information. If not, uh, thats cool too.. It wasn’t meant to be.

Don’t get so hung up if your bangin a blog and the bounce rate is off the charts. You haven’t done enough homework, you possibly are unique in an extreme sense and your probably looking at this the wrong way.

Be sure of one thing, if your blogging? You are doing something, and that in and of itself is 100% more than 99% of the others out their who complain on a daily basis about this that and the other thing and not makin any cash online.

You my friend? Are makin some noise. Are being heard. And you’re gaining experience every step of the way.

Nothing ventured nothing gained right? Wave your freak flag!

————-And Whatever you do? Follow my mentor like this————–

—————-Whatever you do? Follow my mentor like this————–


I love Network. That movie exposed more about society than any other movie of its time.

Hmm… SEO IS rocket science, but laymen can get in as well. Maybe I’ll throw together a quick how to up here and show you how I beat out 5.2 million competing references for my name on Google. I almost got de-indexed for it. Infact I think this last attempt to populate my blog may have done just that…

Like I said though.. you know what I said.. You found this page some how right?

drop a comment if you have a second, call me a asshole, call me friend, either way, continue to make yourself be heard. This is a shrinking planet and what used to seperate us by 6 degrees has been reduced by 3.

So… increase you circle and shrink the planet.

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