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So, does all this crap about Law of Attraction really work?
Thats a good question, of course the answer is …yes!

Now the more important question is…
“Will it work for you?”

If you are not familiar with hypnotherapy or psychotherapy
then you will undoubtedly NOT know about test number one.

I’ll show you this method of self discovery and you will
use the rest of the information…

* to take advantage of your area of expertise
* increase your sphere of influence
* to take advantage of your market or niche
* to ultimately gain mastery of yourself
* to be able to help others achieve the same level success

The last is called spreading the wealth.
Ultimately the Law of Reciprocity is another staple in
your arsenal of advancement which requires cultivating.

The Pith ball test:

Get a willing participant, or record these steps and playback when ready
while in silence, or as quiet as your going to get it.

This is a very widely used examination to test for autosuggestion

Basically it a very simple exam. Take a sheet of paper, get a coffe
can or compass and draw a 4″ Circle on the paper. Then draw a line
verticle and horizontal so the lines intersect and quater the circle.

Then get a small 1 inch styrofoam ball and some thread. Put your elbow
on the table, place the thread in your fingers so it hangs from your
hand. attach the ball [you can use and thing with weight as well]
close to an inch above the paper while hanging from you hand.

*************** If proceding alone record the following and play back
when ready. –Begin to record now–***************

Now, with the weight, ball or otherwise, attached to the thread. Place
the paper in front of you on a dinner table, desk or counter. Place
your elbow on the table and the thread with weight, ball or otherwise
hanging from your hand, position ball in center of circle.

Now place your forhead on the hand holding the thread and focus at the
ball as it hangs prety much from your head. Without seeing your hand,
position the ball at the crux of the circle dead center.

Now don’t move, but focus on the ball for 15 seconds.

Now with your concentration on the ball, see it move. I mean literally
move the ball by looking at it. Forward and back. Within at least
30sec-2 minutes and the ball should begin to move back and forth.

Try to relax, and ease the excitement you feel from actually moving
the ball. There is more to try.

Now try to slow the ball and circle the cross within the circle with
the ball clockwise.

Now slow it down and begin to reverse the balls direction counter
clock wise.

Now I want you to stop the ball.

Thats it, you’re done! It moved? You really saw it move? I bet you
did, you really did see the ball move just from the Thoughts in your
head. Powerful stuff? I guess you passed…

Your on your way to the next phase of training.

Stay tuned… in the meantime..
keep it simple and do some reading

It Didn’t move? Not at all? Too noisy in the room? Too much noise in
your head? Well, since you are here? You must want this pretty bad

Its totally possible to accomplish this. You can take a break. and
come back to it in a few days. I do not suggest more than one attempt
within 6 hours.

There is a trick, I won’t BS you, you didn’t really move the ball. At
eleven yrs old I didn’t either, actually what happens is; by focusing
all your attention on the ball, with your hand out of focus? Your
desire begins to gently pulse your body in motion with the effect you
desire. Thus moving your hand and thus the ball.

By concentrating, [and you thought you were ADHD] you actually
maintained focus to a level that not only controlled your body? But by
proxy the ball as well. You were just too focused to figure it out at
the time. Like tunnel vision.

Go see
this place now
for the lowest cost brain training
recordings I’ve seen. They’re top notch binaural beat enhancers for
developing the brains frequency state. I’ll get technical on that in
another post. [heh, remind me]. Remember Clear minds get things done.
Go now, get one or two whatever, but try to stick with one per 6 hour
phase. Don’t kow why but that number is some cyclical event horizon.

I’m workin on this awesome project coming up if you sign up now with
some friends from the twitter life? Like begets like right? I’ll keep
you posted, but beware, It’ll knock your socks off.

Dan– out. Follow me @danlopez2012

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