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It was a great time had by all.

I almost couldn’t remember when such an occurance drove home such feelings and inspiration. The whole crowd came with preconcieved notions. And in the end became a united front, a force to be unmatched in the marketing community to help and to serve mankind and their children.

I came I saw, I laughed I cried, I laughed again and I left!

Impact Boot Camp Start Blair witch style on

Chatting with Jeff and Kieth Wellman

I was compelled by a higher force to join this bootcamp. At first it was because of a preconcieved notion that I would better my relations in the Maarketing industry. Having teamed up with and also with JV legend Ken McArthur. From my twitter verse I was able to mingle with some pleasantly acquainted experts who simply rock the industry with their presence. So many too mention.

But it all seemed to pale in comparison to the overwhelming cause delivered by Derimiah. Having fully immersed myself in the Marketing world, I have had less and less outsde influences. And selfishly thought [to my shame] this would be one opportunistic chance to advance myself with recognition and credibility.

After all, thanks to Mark & Terry Goldman, I had advanced quite steadily in recent months with the partnered promotions and uplifting accounts of achievments which seemed and still seem to have no end in sight.

Then came the personal meeting with Derimiah, I was blown away. You see I have had a disturbingly similar life and was rivoted to the core with the accounts Derimiah shared. But what drove home the feeling of belonging was the grace of which I had been recieving under the same reasons as Derimiah.

Our core beliefs may differ in the manner of spirituality. But I will not debate the awesome power of believing in SOMETHING. Teenage Suicide has to be the most debilitating form of selfdestruction felt by whole communities and our children truly need to know that we care, for every single moment of their all too real lives of trials and pains and solitary moments of desperation.

I know I been there, several times in fact. I found myself compelled to re-post my story again. It once appeared in Clayton Makepeace’s blog for the CopyWriters Conspiracy. Which has recently been removed.

And so I’ll post a link to it at the end of this article. Right now, let me introduce you to Derimiah.

Meet Deremiah *CPE

Deremiah spent the early part of his life on the South Side of Chicago. Born into a black culture with a Jewish name with strong European cultural overtones, He lived in thirteen cities in the United States and two in Europe.

Deremiah says that living in Europe after coming out of the Chicago Housing Projects is like being Eddie Murphy in the movie “Trading Places”.

By living in diverse communities Deremiah strengthened his appreciation for humanity and his tolerance for people across cultures, places, music and religions.

Eventually, Deremiah and his family were able to settle in Oklahoma, where he became a rising young star on the football field, headed for the state championships. Life was feeling good for the young teenager.

Unfortunately life wasn’t perfect. His mother was having emotional struggles, which didn’t help her marriage. After she came out of the hospital — the victim of yet another nervous break down — she ended up in divorce court.

In Oklahoma they ask the child which parent they want to stay with and Deremiah was forced into a “Solomon type” decision to choose between his parents.

Deremiah decided to stand by his Momma. With her emotional problems, she needed his support.

That’s where the struggle began.

His emotionally troubled mother decided that they needed to move to the South side of Chicago.

As Deremiah tells this story tears still well up in his eyes years later as he is forced to face the tragedy again and again in his mind.

Imagine having to leave all of your friends during your junior year in High School without even saying goodbye. Most of the friendships were five years in the making and some of his friends still don’t know what happened.

Deremiah had disappeared off the planet.

Coming out of poverty, moving into middle income America to be jerked back into living below the poverty level is quite painful.

In Deremiah’s case, it was coupled with gang violence, welfare, government cheese and a move to one of the wildest high schools on Chicago’s South Side.

Struggling with depression and crying profusely for weeks on end Deremiah lost hope in everything including his self.

His dreams were destroyed. It seemed he had nothing to live for and with his father now stationed on the other side of the planet and his mother still struggling to maintain her emotional stability Deremiah gave up.

He no longer wanted to live.

And then Deremiah changed.

Deremiah found his faith and his hope for the future was replaced with a bigger mission to help hurting children and Deremiah has been reaching out ever since to at-risk children and making a difference in their lives.

Right now, Deremiah is trying to help children who like himself have given up only to find out that someone loves them enough to point their feet in the right direction.

That’s why Deremiah is determined to raise $100 Million dollars for at-risk children.

Amazing story isn’t it? “Courtesy of Impact Factor”

I was so engaged I had to get involved and now so many doors are opening from one fantasticaly presented worthy cause.

Don’t give up, don’t quit!

For information on how you can get involved, signup to my newsletter for updates and resources as we follow the progress of this great campaign to save the lives of our children. Email me, or Ken McArthur or anyone on the Impact team, or twitter search #impact to track down the goings on.

As I had stated, here’s one last look at my story before I remove it.


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