The New Age Movement: Friend or Foe?

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“You’ve got to believe in yourself or no one will believe in you.”Ozzy Ozborne; Believer.

I hate the New Age Movement… Whoa Dan Hate is a very strong word!

Heh heh… Who or what told you that a word was strong or weak?
Exactly by what authority do you come by this intelligence?

Yes, language is powerful and yes that which comes from the heart and out of the mouth can do both amazing and terrible things.

When I frst learned of this New Age thing I was just getting into Edgar Cayce and Carl Jung and getting my act together after some rather long years of shadow play…  It seemed that NAM was some form of an answer for civilized living amongst ourselves..

Do you know what civilized means?
1. Bring (a place or people) to a stage of social, cultural, and moral development considered to be more advanced: “a civilized society”.

It means the ability to determine whats acceptable or not.
But by whom or what basis or to what end is this moral development to be created?

Your ability to determine whats acceptable is only as powerful as your ability to Judge for yourself.

Not, what the moral majority has shoved down your throat as acceptable.

For too long the packages you’ve been sold in what is acceptable or not has been a tool for conformity..
Leaving your sense of judgment completely out of the picture, or in your own hands for that matter.

Robert Cialdini has proved this over and over again in his book Influence.

In it, there is proof after proof that we follow the crowd, or even one person who has altered their perception that you have taken notice of.

It’s our laziness that has led us to this demise, unwilling to take a personal stand on what we truly think feel and believe. Between right and wrong, life and death, worth and worthlessness

I’ve personally watched this event of mindless judgment within my own family of born again Christians who swear up and down what Truth is. As if they’ve swallowed hook line and sinker what they’ve heard others preach instead of coming to their own conclusions.

God forbid you should have a contrary thought in your head. You have strayed away from the truth in their minds and hearts.. and they pray for you to see the light???   “No Offense CuzBro”

Okay.. Why Dan? Why are you off your rocker? I give, spill it already!!

I’ll quote my father who recently had this to say to me;  “Your mother and I pray for you night and day Dan, but God isn’t moving fast enough…”

(Sigh…) 1. You’re praying wrong. 2. You’re not asking what it is YOU are supposed to learn.  3.  Fast enough for who? You? Me? God?  …

There are really only 2 things left aside from my daughters that I truly have a life long passion for. One is spirituality and the other is the well being of others.

I don’t know, its just something thats been in my blood since like forever.
It’s the protector in me, the father in me, the mother in me, the warrior in me.

This I know.. Truths are Truths whether you believe them or not.

It’s my personal Truth to seek these out and install them into my everyday. The more I live these truths, the better I will deal with life on its own terms.

Life.. now there’s a term… The New Age Movement would have you believe that only joy and happiness are the Truth to life. Ummm… I’ve read the Bible front to back. I have found very little joy and happiness in that book either lived or experienced.

Everyone in it seems to be enduring some sort of moral, social or personal crises.

I think the only persons who got through the book unscathed was Enoch and Melchizedek.

First off…
Enoch was an Alien, and Melchizedek was a Ghost, so go figure that one out?

As for Jesus? I doubt anyone can live his life and not be killed by the inhabitants of this planet. God help him if he ever does return is all I have to say.

For now, the whole of Earth is connected and is now one land. That means the saying “a prophet cannot not be accepted in his own land”, now covers the entire planet. So where can such a person (or any real prophet) come from to be accepted? Where? I ask…

Okay back to the matter at hand:

10 thing the New Age Movement Sucks From Your Life

1. Your Ability To Think For Yourself.
2. The Truth About Life
3. The Truth About The Law of Attraction
4. The Truth About The Universal Laws
5. The Truth About Living In The Now
6. The Truth About Your EGO
7. The Truth About The Earth or Gaia
7a. The Truth about the Sun
7b. The Truth about the Moon
8. The Truth About Why You Are Here
9. The Truth About Fear & Doubt
10. The Truth About Lack & Abundance

And finally; as an aside, to think “happy thoughts” and you will have a happy life.

You ever tell a child not to touch something? Whats the first thing that child wants to do? Excatamundo!

We all want what we can’t have, don’t deny it sister I see you smirking from here… You tell me I can’t have something and I suddenly can’t get that something out of my head.

The thing is, if we tell ourselves we can’t have something, suddenly its gospel, and neither heaven nor hell is gonna move that thought into the contrary position, without a deliberate act of sheer determination & personal Will

Why Do Bad Things Keep Happening To Me? I Just Want To Be Happy!

I can’t stand Charlatains… trying to be careful here, as I judge so too shall I be judged.. but oh to hell with it.. Spirituality is as sacred to me as someones recovery from alcohol or addiction and their spiritual program of recovery.

If you feed people the wrong stuff, not only are you messing with their lives, you may just send them to their death.

Did you know that sugar pills are still a multi-million dollar industry? Thats right, more people get cured from placebos than actual prescriptions.. Why do you think you keep hearing those little disclaimers in prescription pill commercials…

Well, if you haven’t heard them, I just triggered your mind to hone in on those words, Placebo and Sugar-Pills, whenever you watch a prescription medicine commercial… sorry bout that.

“It is your faith which has healed you” J b4 the C. circa 2000 years ago..

Faith: The belief in things unseen

The thing about the sugar pill is the power of belief. Charlatains thrive on your ability to believe. Not only in them but in what you can do with what they have, even if its contrary to the truth.  Get it?  They lie to you and you believe in the result, therefore whether they are real or not doesn’t matter…

Be discerning about what you see, read and hear.

Some of us cannot get anything from placebos, we’ve been round long enough or just have the wiring inside to KNOW bullshit when we see it. And I’ll sneak this in is run by two charlatains. There I said it…

I’ve watched the campaign, read the info, took the test got the downloads, read the emails, interacted on their facebook page and was given the chakra7 system.
This is one of those things that is littered with so much dog & pony snake oil nonsense I’ve ever watched since the advent of evengalistic healing tents.

I’m not saying this so you’ll buy the audio I created, actually I could care less if you did. Personally I think its more important that you be aware of the nonsense thats leading you to decisions you would normally not be so blind to make.

You want to improve your life, great, who doesn’t?
You want to be more yourself around people? Of course? Why wouldn’t you?
You want to have more passion and energy?
You want to be able to speak from your heart without fear of anything?
You want to begin to seek inner truth for yourself?


Take what works for you and leave the rest.

Accept the balance of your life, the Light & the Shadow are equals to your true growth.

If you are right you’ve no need to be angry, If you’re wrong, you’ve no right to be angry.

Your habits are tools, they are disciplines matured.

If you want to change your habits, the average time for most people is 21 days for the foundation, 90 days for maturation. Continue on after that and you’ve developed a discipline.

Take it One Day At A Time. You didn’t get where you are in One Day.
So remember, Easy Does It.

Commitment, Desire & Passion are keys to growth and progress, lack one of these and you’ve entered the viscous cycle of “doomed to repeat”.

Your Truth is as valuable to you as another’s truth is to theirs.

We are all the same, but different.

Those who matter will not mind the new you, and those who mind don’t matter.

Until the next post
Stay focused
Dan Lopez

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