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The mere mention of the words long-suffering actually gets ALL the hotties… jessica-rabbit

Umm, seriously though…

As an avid reader, practitioner of the Edgar Cayce material, I would read the term long-suffering over and over and think… Why? I mean WTF? Why Suffering? Why Long? Life can really suck, but why be happy about that?

I would associate it with… the unfeeling, or lack of at-onement with God. Or the unachieved ability to speak with the Creator. Or I would associate it with hardships, poverty, chastity ….

Until recently I was okay with this line of thought, and then I wasn’t okay with it any longer.

It became as a thorn in my side. I would see the term and say to myself, “This is just not right”… Inherently including long-suffering into my spiritual journey is not something that I wanted. At least n this framework, not any longer.

After all, I had just come into the realization that I was about to publicly embark on helping people with their own journey’s as I have done privately for years.

And here was this term which was inevitably going to come up for others as it had come up for myself. I mean, let’s face it, long-suffering, God help me!

The very word “Suffering and Long” together themselves hold absolutely no good predisposed definitions to any sane person in this world that denotes being happy as the ultimate goal in life.

So, to settle things once and for all I went and scoured the Edgar Cayce readings for the definitions of Long Suffering and came up short for several weeks…

Then after putting the matter to rest for a time, a renewed curiosity emerged and I was off to seek out this terms definition once more…

Here’s what I found.long-suffering

Long-suf·fer·ing  adj. Patiently enduring wrongs or difficulties.

Well now, this is something I can, not only identify with, but I can wrap my head around and apply understanding to.

You see from what I had known in the past, long-suffering was one of the fruits of the spirit.

A fruit of the spirit is to suffer???


When you consider that you have very little control over people, places and things.. then ummm yes. It is. It is a gift to drive in bumper-to-bumper traffic and be completely at peace.

It is a gift to enter into the subway station at rush hour get packed, pushed and shoved into a sardine can for an hour everyday  and still maintain a sense of inner quiet calmness.

It is a gift to be at peace as our children stray and go on to engage in matters we disapprove.  So they may learn their lessons themselves without our intervention or interaction..

It is a gift to be beset by adverse conditions and remain calm.
It is a gift to be at peace when you get to that closed restaurant you’ve invited your friends to and still have a jovial heart to say “Oh Well, that sux, fruit-of-the-spirithow about pizza?”…
It is a gift to be in a crisis and be the coolest head in the crowd.
It is a gift to have a flat, or breakdown in the worst place at the worst time, and be at peace. Knowing upfront, this will pass.
It is a gift to let another go completely off their rocker and not be affected by their words or actions. It is most definitely a gift indeed.

How many other conditions can you come up with where the peace in your heart has carried you through, or you wished you had the peace within to have experienced things differently?

We can call upon the gift of long-suffering and enjoy it in an instant.
Or, we can play the drama queen and blow everything out of proportion.

The choice is ultimately yours to do as you wish.

My mantra this year has been; “Perception Is Nine Tenths

I can either see things the way so called normal people see things.
Or, I can hold the gift of long-suffering and enjoy more moments that would otherwise baffle not only myself but the so-called normal people as well…

It would be a crime for me to spout fluff, and say “Try it… you’ll be surprised at the shock and awe this brings to others and their sudden change in how You are being perceived.”

But the truth is long-suffering is a gift.

One that would be well to be accepted and then practiced and then lived like second nature.

For many in western society, life is simple, but it is only as easy as we allow it to be.

Until the next post…
Stay Focused,
Dan Lopez

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One Comment on Long-Suffering Defined

  1. Raymond on Tue, 30th Apr 2013 8:18 pm
  2. Dan, that was one of the most powerful thoughts I’ve ever heard in layman’s terms. I can see you’re evolved and you put it in a real everyday way. I’m still struggling with some thing’s but what I want more than money is some sort of reassurance that it’s going to be ok.

    and it will


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