Thoughts Vs Feelings

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I’ve studied the Edgar Cayce readings since 1987. Having cleaned up some chemical dendencies and enrolled in 12 group[s], it became apparent they didn’t have all the spiritual answers I needed passed the spiritual program we were in.

I think I completed around forty five to seventy books in about 2 years. All based on the Edgar Cayce readings. For a time I would focus on one topic, divulge all the related books on that topic and then move on to the next.

Meditating as instructed, praying as suggested and living in what I thought was a temperate maximum between the 12 steps and higher conscious living…

There is one maybe two, okay two things that I kept having a serious problem with. One was that I was a broken spirit, and the second was, I didn’t know how I could be repaired.

Act as if. This was a powerful action step.
Since I was told that feelings are not facts, I accepted that and applied the wisdom to act as if my feelings were something I could not trust.

After all, when you have nothing to dull your senses, everything is raw, so living in a constant reactive state to life, kinda makes us what we today term a drama queen. Every little thing hurts. A friend was always telling me that at times the pain was so intense, that even her hair hurt. It was just an analogy, but damn if I didn’t relate to that sometimes myself.

Thoughts vs Feelings: The chicken & the egg syndrom.

Apparently we have thoughts that make us feel and we certainly have feelings which stir-up thoughts of all manners… So, which comes first?

Have you ever had a feeling that wasn’t driven by any particular thought at all? They may be rare occassions, but they do seem to happen, at least to me they have. I mean all of a sudden we’re either sunk to our depths for absolutely no reason whatsoever, or we’re calm and completely sublime for the same damn reason.

If there are no thoughts which engage us, from where do these rushes of emotions derive? And why?

Obviously we can think ourselves sick. Like worrying… I’ve learned that worry is a direct result of fear, and fear is a direct result of doubt. Subsequently doubt has its origins in lack of faith, and faith being the belief in things unseen, has its own wonderment.

But feelings are quite queer bedfellows if you’ll pardon the expression.
They’re untrustworthy, in my honest opinion, not that I place all my faith in the concept of mental reason, which certainly has its own pitfalls.

But feelings.. and thoughts… How do we know which is which?

If I said to you “I feel like a lowlife piece of shit.” Is that a literal that can be taken as a physical description? Or is it a thought formed by some simili used to desribe how I Think of myself?

I think I’m happy… What does this mean? Have you ever been asked how you felt and used this phrase as a response? You THINK you’re happy? Really? I might be apt to disagree with your self examination there buddy.

I had a friend corner me once and have me repeat several times how I felt, as I responded each time with they way I felt, he pointed his finger either to my head or to my gut. Based on my responses, I had quite the knot on my head when we were done with this little excercise..

So it seems, that I completely felt with my head… at the time. Which made sense to me, because for a mojor portion of my life I was expressing all my emotions with one single emotional response, and that was with anger.

Why anger? Its indestructible, or so I thought.

I am statements, I am happy, I am angry, I am joyful, I am sad.
Each of these describes emotions, somewhere some over-intelligent individual decided that men and women have a distinct difference in the number of emotions bettwen them. While a man may have say 26 emotions, it was suggested that a woman has up to but not limited to 117 different emotions…

Really??? Really? Where the hell did all these emotions suddenly appear from?
We’re one single human race bestowed with thoughts and emotions, how is it there is such an imbalance between men and women? I’ll postulate that there are only a certain degree of emotions between either side of the species…

The categorical difference is in processing of such things as events and connecting them to different emotions to develop new meaning for the original base emotion set. But don’t take my word for it, if you think there are more emotions for one than the other, remind yourself to ask the feel question and see whether they are thought based or gut based.

I ran this by a friend, and while I agree men are basically wired in ape brain fashion, if we were to ask a man in touch with his emotions whether he had less emotions than a woman I think the unbeliever would be surprised at the response.

I feel like you’re not respecting my space.
I feel you don’t love me
I feel I’m the only one who does anything around here

These are not feelings.. do you think they are? …{To Be Continued}

Until the next post
Stay focused
Dan Lopez

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One Comment on Thoughts Vs Feelings

  1. Ginny Hunt on Sun, 4th Sep 2011 9:31 am
  2. LOL, those last “I feel” statements are proof of the proliferation of couples therapy or self-help articles wherein it is taught it is much better to express one’s views from an “I” than a “You” standpoint. Whereas “You’re not respecting my space” accuses and places the other person on the defensive, supposedly reframing it as “I feel you are not respecting my space” doesn’t. But I don’t think human beings are that stupid. Placing “I feel” before the same statement doesn’t change it except to admit it is my perception and may not be the reality. No, it is not a feeling, it is a suspicion. Better to take a moment and actually express the actual feelings associated with the action. If someone is in the habit of opening your mail for you, how DOES it make you feel? Angry? Nervous? Violated? Say THAT. Even if you can’t pinpoint the actual feeling, you can relate it to a time you felt the same, such as, “It makes me feel like when I was a teenager and my Mom went through my room looking for personal stuff.” Those are real feelings.

    My thoughts, for the most part, influence my feelings rather than the other way around. I live mostly in my head. I actually need help from more emotionally-wired friends to feel and to recognize what I am feeling. Odd, because I am also empathic.

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