Don’t Let Family Drama Paralyze Your Marketing

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Lifes DistractionsAs far as I know… Life is nuts!
Working on your business is fraught with unexpected results,
ups and downs and all arounds. Testing, proper planning and a good sense of humor are the remedy for a good many business related issues.

But one issue can derail your progress just about indefinitely.
That issue is family drama. Lord knows we have enuff distractions in life. And with this crazy economy, the last thing we need are more distractions.

The ones we create ourselves are bad enough. The ones from colleagues we can pretty much throttle with a teeny bit of discipline. The ones from our family though…..
Those are the ones which can be carried throughout our days, travels and even right in front of our prospects.

These “slices of life” as I call them are mostly fraught with disagreements, minor pressures [over-exaggerated] and in-law visitations… But some, are very serious even medically unsound.
I will not minimize the fact that families are not always perfect.

Enter the magic of indifference. No, I’m not saying to ignore anyone,
to lock yourself away or even kick your cat. You see… vying for attention is a human characteristic which will always be with us.
Without proper guidance and a few mental tools to cope, we are at the mercies of our family’s daily drama.

Some families, more than others..

With indifference, or detachment, we can allow ourselves to engage from a point of no emotion. To some, it may seem as though we deal with family with an empty head. Nothing could be further than the truth. Because I’m not a genius, I look up these things to make sense now and

de·tached  (d-tcht) adj.
1. Separated; disconnected: a detached part; a detached plug.
2. Standing apart from others; separate: a house with a detached garage.
3. Marked by an absence of emotional involvement and an aloof, impersonal objectivity. See Synonyms at cool.

in·dif·fer·ent  (n-dfr-nt, -dfrnt) adj.
1. Having no particular interest or concern; apathetic: indifferent to the sufferings of others.
2. Having no marked feeling for or against: She remained indifferent toward their proposal.
3. Not mattering one way or the other: It’s indifferent to me which outfit you choose.
4. Characterized by a lack of partiality; unbiased: an indifferent judge.
5. Being neither too much nor too little; moderate.
6. Being neither good nor bad; mediocre: an indifferent performance.
7. Being neither right nor wrong.
8. Not active or involved; neutral: an indifferent chemical in a reaction.progress

As you can see;
It’s not a bad thing.. its a neutral stance which can defy distraction
and rally you into action once your audience is no longer required from the family. Stay focused on your goal and plan of action, keep a list of distractions and apply a modest amount of detachment and indifference when needed.

Always forward

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give — Winston Churchill

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