David Icke Interview – PreDawn 2012

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Icke’s research points to a global conspiracy of the elites of this world

- the wealthy and so called royal families, along with well hidden secret power structures and the banking/oil/media cartels. He’s coined the phrase Problem-Reaction-Solution to describe how a hidden hand manipulates events on a mass global scale for an intended effect. One of the agendas of this so called global elite, says Icke and others, is the fulfillment of a vision for a New World Order, the same one mentioned often by George H.W. Bush while he was President. The outcome for average people and the simple minded folk of the world under this plan is not a sunny one. It’s the plan for increasing control over a peaceful, small population that is cut off from its awareness of divine potential. Crazy? People used to think so, more are finding out that there’s a man behind the curtain & things that seemed random, could actually be orchestrated events.

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