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I’ve heard its horrific for women in social media.

I’m very sorry for what assholes online-galyou encounter. They will always be there, but more so, when they can hide themselves and act contrary to their open public persona’s.

The more attractive you are the more they appear. These bottom feeders are to be expected, not accepted, but expected.

I was recently called “online famous”, by a dear friend. While I was, of course, flattered, I thought I might give at least a part of my side. Read more

Incoming search terms:

In the beginning I couldn’t do it

The side story; so, you don’t feel like you came in on the middle of  a conversation…

Friend of mine, is about to join a group, similar to a community within

My friend is a master practitioner in the arts of healing, energetic and holistic in many areas such as physical, spiritual, emotional.


To get a foot in the door, my friend will have to create a free offering called the loss-lead deliverable. A report or audible or video which both introduces them as an authority and targets areas of interest to the market.

The question was, what should that be…? Read more

The answers you don’t ask

Merry Christmas Everyone! I think I have a gift under the tree for you today.

Not long ago, I was watching one of those big guru
launches. I won’t mention which one, they all seem to
have the same message after a while so it really doesn’t
matter which one..

What I (was) interested in…  Were the comments.


I think so much can be learned, more from the comments of
these launches, than from the actual launch itself.

I’ll list a few items here for you and (you can tell me) if any
of these ring true for you, okay? Read more

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