You’re deluded!

Here’s why most of what you think
is true is just plain wrong …

And how getting in touch with reality
can help you turn economic lemons
into sweet lemonade

Dear Business-Builder,

Discouragement …

Feelings of self-doubt, insecurity and vulnerability …

Despair and depression …

Stark fear and blind panic …

It’s no secret that these and many other negative emotions are now haunting many of our prospects’ daydreams and nightmares.

Who knows?  Maybe yours, too.

It’s to be expected that so many people would be feeling poorly at a time like this.

But toxic emotions are business-killers … career-killers … income-killers.  Because whether we admit it or not those emotions – NOT reason – are the cause of most decisions we make; most things we do.  And when we’re feeling negatively, we tend to make poorer decisions:  Decisions that result in financial losses, lost jobs, bankruptcies.

Worse:  Scientists say toxic emotions also depress our immune systems, significantly increasing the incidence of fatal diseases among depressed people.

And of course, poisonous emotions also cripple us with deadly depression – the primary reason why last year, U.S. suicide rates began rising again for the first time in a decade.

What makes these unthinkable events even more tragic is that they are so needless … pointless … uncalled for … so unnecessary.

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Breaking Barriers

Sometimes, what’s really holding you back are the
very things that have been haunting you all your life.

These are the very essences of beliefs.. how do I know?
Very recently I had to face one of the biggest beliefs that have haunted me since I was nine years old.

Because of the extremely sensitive nature of this belief
I can and will only divulge this info to those who care about
changing they’re own destructive negative belief.

I can tell you it was a statement, just one single solitary
statement.. which, by itself could have been fluffed off had it
been made at a different time of my life…

But since it happened during a very influential time, it became quite real. I believed it. I believed it because situations in my life
seemed to be proving that it was true.

Things just weren’t happening for me. Nothing was ever going right.
When things did go right, they seemed to be short lived and lasted only for brief periods.. to the point where hard times became a way a of life.

No matter the amount of effort I would put into improving myself,
my learning, my knowledge, my wisdom, my abilities and my professional skills… My belief lived on.

You with me so far?

Even as I write this I can literally hear the shadow of that statement being made in my minds ear with distinct clarity. The only difference
between now and my last thirty six years of living is…
It Is NOT True For Me Any More.

I can repeat the statement to myself today, right now and I can just feel within my heart of hearts that this is NOT true.

But only a short while ago, this was not the case. I was completely
and emphatically under the spell of this statement. It was true…
There was absolutely no doubt in my mind that this was true..
How else could I explain my life? There was no other statement that could completely sum up he very fiber of my existence.

Until I changed it.

I’m not talkin about some fluffy little challenge here to overcome some little anxiety you may be experiencing now and again…
I’m talking a belief so debilitating that I literally would sit completely imobilized by the sheer weight of the belief. Unable to communicate or take action in any form.

I would isolate for very long periods..
I would be questioned by friends and family and have absolutely no answer for them. I would be stuck in my head for what seemed like hours weeks months and even years and still not be any where better than when I started.

This is the kind of thing that…
Counseling couldn’t help.
Therapy couldn’t help.
Reading couldn’t help.
Drugs couldn’t help.
Wealth couldn’t help.
Prayers couldn’t help.
Meditations couldn’t help
Affirmations couldn’t help.
Education couldn’t help.
Music couldn’t help.
Sex couldn’t help, well, for a time anyways.
Self help couldn’t help, nor could NLP practitioners.

Nothing, I mean NO THING would help.

After all for 36 some odd years I didn’t even know what the hell it was to begin with..

Then suddenly I started hearing things like
limiting beliefs
negative beliefs and
limiting negative beliefs..
Yeah, I know, same thing, but what the hell?

I mean, I lived a decent childhood up to a certain point, when all hell broke loose… As do most adolecents…
But this was, for many, a time when the adults in our lives were undergoing massive shifts in their own lives.. Things just sucked for everyone… Alcoholism was more than a way of life, it was life.
Child abuse was just a form of dicipline, living in terror was a norm.
Or just being ignored was actually a form of Gods Grace.

Now I may or may not be exaggerating a bit, I know of a few who were actually hospitalized during these times of their lives or even worse raped for some… being sexually abused was just another chain of events that proved the belief. When reaching out and trying to expose my tormentors I was rebuked as they were friends of the family and would never be expected to have acted out in such manor, so I must be delusional right?


I knew there was something wrong, but for the life of me
I could not in no definitive way place the exact point on what was
destroying me every living minute of the day.

Until one day it just hit me…
It was at a climatic time in my life…

[to be continued...]

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5 things to know about Angels and Legion

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Many who’ve come close to knowing me, know I have an affinity to the spiritual.

I have to admit when I first saw the trailers for the movie Legion I was a bit taken back.
I was dying to look back at my old studies of Angels and all that I remembered..
Then my brother emailed me concerning the trailer and the films implications.

And this is how it went..

(Q.) so who is Michael?


Michael is an ArcAngel.. higher in rank than other angels.. Known as the the Lord of The Way.

Michael.. was charged to be the sole ArcAngel given rank high enough to do battle with the legions and of Lucifer himself, who lost his name and was given satan as a remembrance of the fall…

And only the Christ and the Creator of all may ultimately
defeat satan’s rulers, powers and principalities..

Also important to note.. that satan although removed from rank did not lose any of his stature in power or knowledge or beauty for that matter.. its written that he was as high ranked [being the holder of the light] as the Seriphim who are above the Cheribum who are above the ArcAngels..

*See “All The Angels In The Bible” by Herbert Lockyear…
*Also look at the Edgar Cayce readings regarding such..

(Q.) isn’t Legion the another name for Satan?

Actually.. thats from a movie.. the actual account was taken from
scripture when a demon possessed individual was asked of the entity
to reveal itself… Legion is many, which is its true meaning..

Mark 5:9
Then He asked him, “What is your name?” And he answered, saying,
“My name is Legion; for we are many.”

Obviously “many” had decided to attach themselves to this person.

When the fall occurred many fell also, or legions fell..

For the Sons of God looked upon the daughters of man and
saw that they were fair, and took them wives…

*See ancient texts from the Apocrypha

This was only part of the fall, but is most noted of the written texts..

The actual fall according to E.C. readings, Lucifer was pissed and jealous that man was higher than the angels and that he & angels were to serve man..

*Is it not written that ye are gods?

“Psalm 82:6
I said, “You are gods, And all of you are children of the Most High.”

Who in turn, along-side served The Lord our Creator.

(Q.) Why are the Angels the bad guys and look like demons


Angels/demons may appear before humans in any form they choose to manifest.

And then, again, poetic license on the part of the creators of the film..

It would be best if I’d seen the film to speculate on it in its entirety.

But to return to the question.. demons are what happens to lower angels who aligned with satan and decided to serve him. More than likely after the fall the wrath of tyranny began so they are held there.

(Q.) Is Michael the Fallen Angel?

No Michael is most certainly not the fallen or among them..

(Q.) His entrance sure does look like he is. And if he is, then humanity’s only champion is Lucifer?

Again poetic license on the part of the creators of this film.

(Q.)If God has sent them to destroy humanity, then isn’t it that humanity is the bad guy?

# 2 Kings 19:35
[ Sennacherib’s Defeat and Death ] And it came to pass on a certain night that the angel of the LORD went out, and killed in the camp of the Assyrians one hundred and eighty-five thousand; and when people arose early in the morning, there were the corpses—all dead.

There is no writing anywhere that suggests that The Lord was sending angels to destroy man. But it would be an extremely easy defeat. Nor would it seem correct that He would send demons. Which obviously brings the confusion you mention.

Even in the last, the book of revelation, there is an extreme
mis-interpretation of whats being given.

The revelation was not prophecy of the end of days, but a map of sequential visualized events that occur in the spiritual centers of the body while one ascends through in meditation to get to the holy of holies and return to The Creator.

As to the bad guy, There is only One Creator who created all.. And everything is part of the Creator.

If we continue to deny our birthright, it is the same as aligning with
rebellion and the prince of this world. So the lessons continue until we get it right.


The unborn baby being the only hope for humanity reminds me of the
Seventh Sign with Demi Moore.

I agree they blatantly stole that metaphor from that particular movie.

These movies are meant to subvert God and instill in the audience a sense of dislike of God rather than step back and see that it is we who have fallen from His grace.

I’ve no doubt there is an alternative motive driving these types of
movies beyond mere entertainment.

I will see it as research into Hollywood’s next attempt at culling the
masses into group think.

I personally believe it goes beyond Hollywood’s pathetic think-tank.

I’m no theologian by any means, but I know that movies are used to
“teach us” what to think.

I’ve wanted to consider myself a theologian, but prefer to believe in the experience of application, rather than the study of theory speculation & application.

Better to know because you experienced it, than to say you know because you read/watched/heard it.

Care to chime in? Would love your take on the matter.

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