David Icke Interview – PreDawn 2012

Icke’s research points to a global conspiracy of the elites of this world

- the wealthy and so called royal families, along with well hidden secret power structures and the banking/oil/media cartels. He’s coined the phrase Problem-Reaction-Solution to describe how a hidden hand manipulates events on a mass global scale for an intended effect. One of the agendas of this so called global elite, says Icke and others, is the fulfillment of a vision for a New World Order, the same one mentioned often by George H.W. Bush while he was President. The outcome for average people and the simple minded folk of the world under this plan is not a sunny one. It’s the plan for increasing control over a peaceful, small population that is cut off from its awareness of divine potential. Crazy? People used to think so, more are finding out that there’s a man behind the curtain & things that seemed random, could actually be orchestrated events.

The 2012 Enigma: Free Full-Length Documentary Film!

This is probably the best thing I’ve watched in days. The 2012 Enigma by David 2012 Awakened ConsciousnessWilcock. Best Catch Phrase For Me Was “You Can Hide The Truth In The Open”

Now, I could go on and on about the implications of the matter being discussed at the top of this post. But personally I think I’ll place my thoughts underneath.

This was shot at a Conscious Life Expo this year and goes into great detail about many aspects relating to consciousness and the hidden iconic history repeated in every culture. Well, thats what I got so far 20 minutes into it.

Here’s The Full Length Video; It’s approx 1:36 minutes long and gets pretty intense about 20 minutes into it.

Courtesy of DivineCosmos.Com

My thoughts? lol I haven’t.. ahh finally..yes! I have watched the whole thing. And whilst I have a very clear understanding of Edgar Cayce material. I have to admit I was biased towards David for a few years. Mainly because I had my own slant on what Edgar would be doing this time around.

If you don’t have time for the whole video in one sitting just listen to 3 minutes from the end of the video which basically says it all in a nut shell. Something we all should be aware of and actively conscious of..

Just goes to show that, sometimes, its more important to know what’s needed than what’s wanted. And since I have an affinity with 2012 since my early 20′s I’m compelled to share with you some views that you either can stomach or not.

Like the air: we see it not, but take it away & we die.
We cannot see it, but we know it exists.

Our consciousness also exists, we see it not. But without it we fail to BE.
Guess I’m trying to hit on the nerve that just because you don’t believe in a thing does not mean it does not exist.

In the program, David touches on a lot of things from sources that are not availabe such as physical proofs or living testimonies sworn witnesses. Especially concerning the Montaulk Project and the Philidelphia Project,and some references to the NWO & well… a lot of references were covered in a very short amount of time.

But just because you have witnessed something you could not explain and tried to tell others who would not believe you, does that mean you didn’t experience it?

Of course you did. Am I right or am I right?

Anyway.. It gives a huge historical finding on the peniel gland and its epic tale of secrecy thats right in front of our very own eyes. Incredibly researched and light shedding evidence. But the last six minutes pretty much clinched the whole deal for me.

Have you ever witnessed a talk or listened to a speaker or watched a movie and SUDDENLY something struck you to your core, it struck you to your heart, where you knew, I mean “YOU JUST KNEW” it was truth because you’ve felt it again and again but didn’t know how to express it? The last 6 minutes brought me to tears.

I’ve witnessed and experienced unexplainable things in my life. Things by material man’s standards should not be and are the stuff of imaginings. Only, I’ve had witnesses. And on one ocassion witnesses a mile wide. But thats for other posts.

Mind what you are focused on. Meditate regularly, bring & breathe peace into your life. Watch your perceptions.. things are going to be quite interesting from here on.

Till next time.

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More bizzarre information.. How can we explain this universal perfection?

The crystal skulls.. I’ll tangent for a sec just to say.. from time to time, I have a tendency to float on the web wherever it will take me.. Sometimes the info is extremely synchronistic.. sometimes not so much..but usually thought provoking nonetheless.

How true is this data??