Who the hell am I? And why should you care?

Well, thats a real long long long freakin story.

I’m the culmination of everything thats happened in my life and I’m what I do with that culmination.

I personally hate the long lists of achievements on most about pages, because they don’t tell me anything about the person I can relate to.

I suffer from ADHD and … emm hold that thought my favorite song just came on.————–

What Your Name Means

You entered: Daniel Lopez

There are 11 letters in your name.
Those 11 letters total to 56
There are 5 vowels and 6 consonants in your name.

What your first name means: Daniel

Welsh: Male Attractive. A translation of the Welsh name Deiniol.
Irish: Male Attractive. A translation of the Gaelic name Domhnall.
Hebrew: Male God is my Judge.
The biblical prophet and writer of Book of Daniel was a teenager when taken to Babylon after the destruction of Jerusalem in 607 BC. He survived two death sentences: (a lions’ den and a fiery furnace.); Frontiersman Daniel Boone.
Biblical Male Judgment of God; God my judge

What your last name means: Lopez
López is a common surname in the Spanish language (it can also lack the acute accent in a not purely hispanophone context). It was originally a patronymic, meaning Son of Lope, Lope itself being a Spanish given name deriving from Latin lupus, meaning wolf.

Your number is: 11

The characteristics of #11 are: High spiritual plane, intuitive, illumination, idealist, a dreamer.


The expression or destiny for #11:

Your Expression number is 11. The number 11 is the first of the master numbers. It is associated with idealistic concepts and rather spiritual issues. Accordingly, it is a number with potentials that are somewhat more difficult to live up to. You have the capacity to be inspirational, and the ability to lead merely by your own example. An inborn inner strength and awareness can make you an excellent teacher, social worker, philosopher, or advisor. No matter what area of work you pursue, you are very aware and sensitive to the highest sense of your environment.

Your intuition is very strong; in fact, many psychic people and those involved in occult studies have the number 11 expression. You possess a good mind with keen analytical ability. Because of this you can probably succeed in most lines of work, however, you will do better and be happier outside of the business world. Oddly enough, even here you generally succeed, owing to your often original and unusual approach. Nonetheless, you are more content working with your ideals, rather than dollars and cents.

The positive aspect of the number 11 expression is an always idealistic attitude. Your thinking is long term, and you are able to grasp the far-reaching effects of actions and plans. You are disappointed by the shortsighted views of many of your contemporaries. You are deeply concerned and supportive of art, music, or of beauty in any form.

The negative attitudes associated with the number 11 expression include a continuous sense of nervous tension; you may be too sensitive and temperamental. You tend to dream a lot and may be more of a dreamer than a doer. Fantasy and reality sometimes become intermingled and you are sometimes very impractical. You tend to want to spread the illumination of your knowledge to others irrespective of their desire or need.

XI – Justice XI-Justice

Synopsis: Balance, wisdom and a need for rational, logical solutions.

General Description: The card justice contains a number of interrelated topics. It stands for clear, objective knowledge, for conscious and decisively reached judgment, for incorruptibility, balance,and fairness. It shows that we will get what we deserve.

On the every day level it says that we experience our surroundings as our echo and will be confronted with the results of our actions, be they good or bad. If we behave in an upstanding and fair manner, our actions will be recognized and properly rewarded, but when we try to gainadvantages by questionable means, we will fail.

This card expresses a high degree of personal responsibility. It shows that nothing is given to us, but also that nothing is kept from us, so that we alone carry the responsibility for everything that we receive and experience.

Your Soul Urge number is: 8

A Soul Urge number of 8 means:
With an 8 soul urge, you have a natural flair for big business and the challenges imposed by the commercial world. Power, status and success are very important to you. You have strong urges to supervise, organize and lead. Material desires are also very pronounced. You have good executive abilities, and with these, confidence, energy and ambition.

Your mind is analytical and judgment sound; you’re a good judge of material values and also human character. Self-controlled, you rarely let emotions cloud judgment. You are somewhat of an organizer at heart, and you like to keep those beneath you organized and on a proper track. This is a personality that wants to lead, not follow. You want to be known for your planning ability and solid judgment.

The negative aspects of the 8 soul urge are the often dominating and exacting attitude. You may have a tendency to be very rigid, sometimes stubborn.

Your Inner Dream number is: 3

An Inner Dream number of 3 means:
You dream of artistic expression; writing, painting, music. You would seek to more freely express your inner feeling and obtain more enjoyment from life. You also dream of being more popular, likable, and appreciated.

(Heh heh heh.. Who Me!??!)

13 April 1963

Your date of conception was on or about 21 July 1962 which was a Saturday.

You were born on a Saturday

Being born on the 13th day of the month should help make you a better manager and organizer, but it may also give you a tendency to dominate people a bit. You may be more responsible and self-disciplined than your Life Path suggested because of this date. Sincere and honest, you are a serious, hard working individual.

Limitations may be imposed by this 4 energy, especially if there is additional indications the number elsewhere in your number. Your feeling are likely to seem somewhat repressed at times. Even if it by itself, you are apt to be much more practical, rational, and conscious of details. Your intolerance and insistence on complete accuracy can be irritating to some.

under the astrological sign Aries.

Your Life path number is 9.

9 (9, 18/9, 27/9, 36/9)

The Life Path 9 suggests that you entered this plane with an abundance of dramatic feelings coupled with a strong sense of compassion and generosity. The key to the nature of a Life Path number 9 person is found in their humanitarian attitude. Even the very average of those with life path 9 possess extremely compassionate tendencies.

Usually this number produces an individual that is very trustworthy and honorable, and one unlikely to harbor any sort of prejudice. Obviously, this is a rather tall order, but you are, in fact, a person that feels very deeply for individuals less fortunate than yourself, and if you are in a position to help, you certainly will. The 9, being the highest of the single digit numbers, holds an elevated position in terms of responsibilities to mankind.

Material gains are not overly important, although the quality of some life path 9 people is such that they are materially rewarded in very significant ways. In this, however, the 9 Life Path is not apt to get rich since they are very generous, sometimes to a fault, and usually have an easy come, easy go attitude about money. The rare 9 life path has a totally selfless attitude, giving up of material possessions for the common good.

The 9 Life Path indicates you have a commanding presence. You have the ability to make friends very easily, as people are attracted to your magnetic, open personality. The term “hail-fellow” may have been coined to describe a 9 Life Path, as you may indeed be one of those who is generally upbeat and heartily friendly and congenial. You meet people easily and are quickly befriended because of your openness and amiable demeanor. Your genial ways often put you in the lead in whatever field of endeavor you pursue.

Relationships can be difficult for you because it is hard to strike a balance that will work effectively. If your partner is one sharing your giving attitudes, the relationship will be happy and lasting. On the other hand, if you choose a partner whose focus is on material issues, problems will arise quickly.

You tend to be quite sensitive, as you see the world with much feeling. The number 9′s very deep understanding of life is sometimes manifested in the artistic and literary fields.

If drama and acting is not your forte, it will surely be an area of great interest and potential. Likewise, you may be able to express your deep emotional feelings through painting, writing, music, or other art forms.

The purpose of life for those with a 9 life path is often of a philosophical nature. Judges, spiritual leaders, healers and educators frequently have much 9 energy. The number is less inclined to the competitive business environment and may find this a struggle.

As do all the life path numbers, the 9 has its negative side. Because of the demanding nature of the truly positive 9, many tend to fail in this category. It is not uncommon for persons with the 9 life path to fight the realities and challenges of purpose imposed here because selflessness is not an easy trait.

You may have difficulty believing that giving and a lack of personal ambition can be satisfying. It must be realized and accepted that little long-term satisfaction and happiness is to be gained by rejecting the natural humanitarian inclinations of this path.

IX The HermitIX-The-Hermit

The Hermit
Synopsis : A time for soul searching and meditation; a need for patience and solitude.

General Description: The Hermit is the card of seclusion and turning within. It characterizes an introverted phase in life, during which we shield ourselves from outside influences. We find repose and, above all, are separate from bustling activity and crowds of people. The Hermit therefore stands for an important experience within, through which we can perceive who we are, what we want, and how we can get there.

He unites two valuable extremes: the depth of experience and the heights of perception. This card is often wrongly feared by many people. It is only when its qualities are misunderstood that fears of loneliness and abandonment arise. The person who follows the call of the Hermit willingly will find enrichment through clarity, strength, and the joyful experience of being able to be alone with himself.

Your fortune cookie reads:
Love conquers all.

Life Path Compatibility:
You are most compatible with those with the Life Path numbers 3, 6 & 9.
You should get along well with those with the Life Path numbers 1 & 5.
You may or may not get along well with those with the Life Path numbers 2, 7 & 11.
You are least compatible with those with the Life Path numbers 4, 8 & 22.

The Julian calendar date of your birth is 2438132.5.
The golden number for 1963 is 7.
The epact number for 1963 is 5.
The year 1963 was not a leap year.

Your birthday falls into the Chinese year beginning 1/25/1963 and ending 2/12/1964.
You were born in the Chinese year of the Rabbit.

Your Native American Zodiac sign is Hawk; your plant is Dandelion.

You were born in the Egyptian month of Paony, the second month of the season of Shomu (Harvest).

Your date of birth on the Hebrew calendar is 20 Nisan 5723.
Or if you were born after sundown then the date is 21 Nisan 5723.

The Mayan Calendar long count date of your birthday is which is
12 baktun 17 katun 9 tun 10 uinal 8 kin

The Hijra (Islamic Calendar) date of your birth is Saturday, 19 Dhi’l-Qa’dih 1382 (1382-11-19).

The date of Easter on your birth year was Sunday, 14 April 1963.
The date of Orthodox Easter on your birth year was Sunday, 14 April 1963.
The date of Ash Wednesday (the first day of Lent) on your birth year was Wednesday 27 February 1963.
The date of Whitsun (Pentecost Sunday) in the year of your birth was Sunday 2 June 1963.
The date of Whisuntide in the year of your birth was Sunday 9 June 1963.
The date of Rosh Hashanah in the year of your birth was Thursday, 19 September 1963.
The date of Passover in the year of your birth was Tuesday, 9 April 1963.
The date of Mardi Gras on your birth year was Tuesday 26 February 1963.

As of 4/23/2011 8:19:06 PM EDT
You are 48 years old.
You are 576 months old.
You are 2,506 weeks old.
You are 17,542 days old.
You are 421,028 hours old.
You are 25,261,699 minutes old.
You are 1,515,701,946 seconds old.

Celebrities who share your birthday:
Kyle Howard (1978) Jonathan Brandis (1976) Rick Schroder (1970)
Garry Kasparov (1963) Al Green (1946) Tony Dow (1945)
Jack Casady (1944) Lyle Waggoner (1935) Don Adams (1926)
Howard Keel (1919) Eudora Welty (1909) Samuel Beckett (1906)
Thomas Jefferson (1743)

Top songs of 1963
Sugar Shack by Jimmy Gilmer & the Fireballs
He’s So Fine by Chiffons
Dominique by Singing Nun
Hey Paula by Paul & Paula
My Boyfriend’s Back by Angels
Blue Velvet by Bobby Vinton
Sukiyaki by Kyu Sakamoto
I Will Follow Him by Little Peggy March
Fingertips (Pt. 2) by Little Stevie Wonder
Walk Like a Man by Four Seasons

Your age is the equivalent of a dog that is 6.86575342465753 years old. (You’re still chasing cats!)

Your lucky day is Tuesday.
Your lucky number is 9.
Your ruling planet(s) is Mars & Pluto.
Your lucky dates are 9th, 18th, 27th.
Your opposition sign is Libra.
Your opposition number(s) is 6.

Today is not one of your lucky days!

Your birth flower is DAISY

Your birthstone is Diamond

The Mystical properties of Diamond

Diamonds are said to increase personal clarity to help one see things clearly as well as be straight-forward and honest. Supposedly, the higher quality the diamond, the better it is supports these qualities.

Some lists consider these stones to be your birthstone. (Birthstone lists come from Jewelers, Tibet, Ayurvedic Indian medicine, and other sources)

Opal, Quartz, White Sapphire

Your birth tree is

Maple, Independence of Mind

No ordinary person, full imagination and originality, shy and reserved, ambitious, proud, self-respect, hungers for new experiences, sometimes nervous, many complexes, good memory, learns easily, complicated love life, wants to impress.

The moon’s phase on the day you were
born was waning gibbous.

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