How Do I Go For What I Want?

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how-may-i-help-youWhile I was on FaceBook, I got carried away in a subject thats been on the minds of many friends around me.

It recieved such a welcome response I thought I’d share it here. I paraphrased it a bit cuz , well just because it made for an easier read. Hope it helps someone out there.

The beautiful and very talented Mj.Schrader from shared on FaceBook;

If you want something, find out what it takes to do it. Divide that down into manageable steps and go for it! YOU are a Rockstar! You can do it!

Then the question came; Read more

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Why Good People Lynch Good People

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I didn't mean it that wayIn the following article, I’m going to attempt to provide you with one way, you’re communication with your audience is pivotal to the reaction you’re seeking.

Ken McArthur posted a touching Q&A on his blog which attracted a massive amount of interaction from his audience.  I’ll link to that post at the end of this article.

The theme was prompted by a prospect who was down on his luck and facing possible ejection from his home.

The request to Ken’s audience was, what should we tell this person?

Since the request was pretty vague, there were more mixed message responses, with even more vague acknowledgment to the situation, than there were constructive suggestions.

Fortunately, what constructive responses there were, allowed the individual in question to alter their perception and take action in the direction he was seeking.

Why were there so many people out to lynch this person? Read more

I Gave People Headaches

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How many things from your past do you let hold you back?pushing back

How many times, during the day, do you have situations that stir up old feelings? How many times during a week, month a year?

It friggin adds up doesn’t it.

And how many times in life, if you sat down and wrote them, all the things that gave you the heebiejeebies, would you come up with? I’ll bet a lot.

Those feelings, brought on by past events tend to color your mood, your perception, your attitude, your self esteem and your self worth.

When I decided to release some history on the screen in an article, the words came flowing like a torrential food of emotions. Read more

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