Dan’s Diatribe

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I recently asked a few people how they saw me as a person.
To collect a library of my personalities and gather tactical
information about my own persona as it is to be percieved by
the masses, and the market place

Mind you, I am not a wit concerned of your personal opinions
of me in the least, (should I?) but I have a job to do and that job
requires that I appeal to as many of the most important of
subjects, my clients

One of my friends mentioned his concern of a recent letter I
posted and as to the reason of such exposure to my depths…
As he termed it, “Why do you go down so far?”

In answer to his query I said, It’s where I come from. Its
of little concern to me, for I no longer live there. I have
seen it and it has passed, and I am at peace with it.

The past in its darkest measure allow me just that. A
place where I can deduce current affairs and react
accordingly. Anything less, cannot phase me in terms of
lifes challenges.

Not that challenges do not occur mind you… I just have a
better place to see them from.

And I learned a long time ago, the more you air them out the
more you are at peace with them. And the more you share them
the more audience you get from those who have accomplished
the same satisfaction of acceptance…

My job is to accept that life is neither hard nor easy,
and to get through it while raising my vibrations to the
betterment of life. And in the same respect raise your
vibrations so that you raise others as well just by them
being in your presence or in communication with you.

Sharing your trials is not something you wish to continue
expounding on incessantly however. Where the mind is the man
is. Do so and be done… If one cares to know..? Point them
to your resource if you deem they would benefit from it. if
not, do not…

I mean, Its not like I’m running for President for God’s Sake!