David Icke Interview – PreDawn 2012

Icke’s research points to a global conspiracy of the elites of this world

- the wealthy and so called royal families, along with well hidden secret power structures and the banking/oil/media cartels. He’s coined the phrase Problem-Reaction-Solution to describe how a hidden hand manipulates events on a mass global scale for an intended effect. One of the agendas of this so called global elite, says Icke and others, is the fulfillment of a vision for a New World Order, the same one mentioned often by George H.W. Bush while he was President. The outcome for average people and the simple minded folk of the world under this plan is not a sunny one. It’s the plan for increasing control over a peaceful, small population that is cut off from its awareness of divine potential. Crazy? People used to think so, more are finding out that there’s a man behind the curtain & things that seemed random, could actually be orchestrated events.

Bidding Farewell

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I came across something I didn’t think I would ever find again. Breakin barriers is about letting go of the past in order to go on and move forward.

There are some events in life which are to be honored, simply because you lived them.  Not feeding some egoic self pitifying emotion that does nothing but drain your life force from every oriface.  What the hell good is that?

But holding your heart high. And knowing what capacity you are capable of, IF you only let yourself experience life openly.  Casting the cares of doubt and fears of being hurt aside, so you may once again know love.

Once I thought I would enter the following into a contest.. but since I suffer from egomania with an insecurity complex that never happened.

But it is a good piece and I would like to share it with you.

If ever before we were to beThe Promise

Our eyes before could never see…

We had our lives to live did we
And never before could we see

That events in time could not prevent
The eventual love proved immanent.

We both came from trysts of love
That neither our years would we begrudge

We had to see for ourselves in days so long to be
That despite our cries of agony
Our love was meant to be…

Behind the tears of growth of pain
We both had learned our hurt and shame.
We saw those that came and went
And trials of suffering ever spent.

*If ever before we were to be
our eyes before could never see…

we grew up fast we grew up quick
And many times we both got sick
Trying to find that peace of mind
Hiding through eyes of the blind.

Our lives have brought us schools of thought
And joys we both had ever sought
O’ too, The thrills of escape..
Of lives we both had learned to hate.

*If ever before we were to be
our eyes before could never see…

We collapsed beneath ourselves in time
for search of truth, for reason a rhyme.
We even Prayed to our God this time
To find that we — had walked a line.

Saved from ourselves our fettered souls
To be reborn, some say, truth be told.
To start anew and give a stake
Of our lives another– just might forsake.

*If ever before, we were to be
our eyes before could never see…

Among some friends whom we little knew
Some of which we care less too..

We met upon a day so new
And our friendship grew and grew and grew.

We talked and listened
and listened and talked
About nothing and little things & somethings…
we  could never balk.

*If ever before we were to be
our eyes before could never see…

And not before long we had a glance of life
Without pain or worry or even strife.

We had a feeling that this was it
Even if we fought, just a little bit..

We cared for our wounds and held each other close
And even made a home for which we could host

We even reclaim each other, every day
And “I Love you” are the words that we say.

And Now today Laura, I say to thee
I take thee my love, for my wife to be.

*If ever before we were to be
our eyes before could never see…

************************************************14yrs later…
And now after doing all in my heart and my power, as witnessed by too many…

I bid thee farewell…

And hello to the new chapter…