5 things to know about Angels and Legion

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Many who’ve come close to knowing me, know I have an affinity to the spiritual.

I have to admit when I first saw the trailers for the movie Legion I was a bit taken back.
I was dying to look back at my old studies of Angels and all that I remembered..
Then my brother emailed me concerning the trailer and the films implications.

And this is how it went..

(Q.) so who is Michael?


Michael is an ArcAngel.. higher in rank than other angels.. Known as the the Lord of The Way.

Michael.. was charged to be the sole ArcAngel given rank high enough to do battle with the legions and of Lucifer himself, who lost his name and was given satan as a remembrance of the fall…

And only the Christ and the Creator of all may ultimately
defeat satan’s rulers, powers and principalities..

Also important to note.. that satan although removed from rank did not lose any of his stature in power or knowledge or beauty for that matter.. its written that he was as high ranked [being the holder of the light] as the Seriphim who are above the Cheribum who are above the ArcAngels..

*See “All The Angels In The Bible” by Herbert Lockyear…
*Also look at the Edgar Cayce readings regarding such..

(Q.) isn’t Legion the another name for Satan?

Actually.. thats from a movie.. the actual account was taken from
scripture when a demon possessed individual was asked of the entity
to reveal itself… Legion is many, which is its true meaning..

Mark 5:9
Then He asked him, “What is your name?” And he answered, saying,
“My name is Legion; for we are many.”

Obviously “many” had decided to attach themselves to this person.

When the fall occurred many fell also, or legions fell..

For the Sons of God looked upon the daughters of man and
saw that they were fair, and took them wives…

*See ancient texts from the Apocrypha

This was only part of the fall, but is most noted of the written texts..

The actual fall according to E.C. readings, Lucifer was pissed and jealous that man was higher than the angels and that he & angels were to serve man..

*Is it not written that ye are gods?

“Psalm 82:6
I said, “You are gods, And all of you are children of the Most High.”

Who in turn, along-side served The Lord our Creator.

(Q.) Why are the Angels the bad guys and look like demons


Angels/demons may appear before humans in any form they choose to manifest.

And then, again, poetic license on the part of the creators of the film..

It would be best if I’d seen the film to speculate on it in its entirety.

But to return to the question.. demons are what happens to lower angels who aligned with satan and decided to serve him. More than likely after the fall the wrath of tyranny began so they are held there.

(Q.) Is Michael the Fallen Angel?

No Michael is most certainly not the fallen or among them..

(Q.) His entrance sure does look like he is. And if he is, then humanity’s only champion is Lucifer?

Again poetic license on the part of the creators of this film.

(Q.)If God has sent them to destroy humanity, then isn’t it that humanity is the bad guy?

# 2 Kings 19:35
[ Sennacherib’s Defeat and Death ] And it came to pass on a certain night that the angel of the LORD went out, and killed in the camp of the Assyrians one hundred and eighty-five thousand; and when people arose early in the morning, there were the corpses—all dead.

There is no writing anywhere that suggests that The Lord was sending angels to destroy man. But it would be an extremely easy defeat. Nor would it seem correct that He would send demons. Which obviously brings the confusion you mention.

Even in the last, the book of revelation, there is an extreme
mis-interpretation of whats being given.

The revelation was not prophecy of the end of days, but a map of sequential visualized events that occur in the spiritual centers of the body while one ascends through in meditation to get to the holy of holies and return to The Creator.

As to the bad guy, There is only One Creator who created all.. And everything is part of the Creator.

If we continue to deny our birthright, it is the same as aligning with
rebellion and the prince of this world. So the lessons continue until we get it right.


The unborn baby being the only hope for humanity reminds me of the
Seventh Sign with Demi Moore.

I agree they blatantly stole that metaphor from that particular movie.

These movies are meant to subvert God and instill in the audience a sense of dislike of God rather than step back and see that it is we who have fallen from His grace.

I’ve no doubt there is an alternative motive driving these types of
movies beyond mere entertainment.

I will see it as research into Hollywood’s next attempt at culling the
masses into group think.

I personally believe it goes beyond Hollywood’s pathetic think-tank.

I’m no theologian by any means, but I know that movies are used to
“teach us” what to think.

I’ve wanted to consider myself a theologian, but prefer to believe in the experience of application, rather than the study of theory speculation & application.

Better to know because you experienced it, than to say you know because you read/watched/heard it.

Care to chime in? Would love your take on the matter.

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Chit-Chat in the spirit about mind

Having a spiritual life is or can be lonely.

It’s not everyday we get to connect with like minded people who we can bounce and share thoughts without ego or judgemental attitudes. So when we do.. It’s a blessing. totally something to savour. My friend and I were doing such and it helps me amp everytime we talk.

So I decided to post one of our skype chats… It’s long though.. but would seriously love some feedback on the subject

[Friend]: I am preparing with my mentor for 2012

[DanLopez2012]: it would be well for you to do this

[Friend]: yeah…interesting things about to happen…

and will continue to happen thereafter..

[Friend]: whether GOOD or BAD we must be ready

[DanLopez2012]: the only bad to come about will probably be man-made

[Friend]: yes

[DanLopez2012]: I just feel bad for those who can’t even hammer a
nail.. or cut a piece of wood..   or kill for a meal.. eh heh.. worst
case senarios

[Friend]: I agree…

you ever watch man-vs-wild.. what a great show

[Friend]: no

[DanLopez2012]: watch it some time.. they have great scenarios that I
thought wee freakin SO valuable.. I mean even if you have an accident
and you are forced to make it with the skin on your back..

[Friend]: Cool…i will check it out

[DanLopez2012]: Just knowin ya have some knowledge to keep ya goin a
few more days or weeks from little known sources.. is awesome.. I
don’t consider myself a major survivalist but damn good stuff

[Friend]: it helps a lot

if ya don’t mind me askin.. in what manner are you
preparing for 2012?

[Friend]: Spiritual Level…

kinda got that part

[Friend]: how about u

rebuilding my relationship with Source,  raising
vibrations and being of help and of kind heart

[Friend]: cool…how are you doing this?

meditation, study and being round ppl on twitter..
kinda out in the sticks here so don’t get too much interaction with
ppl. If at all… specially during the winter months

[Friend]: Sweet! What are you studying

[DanLopez2012]: Just finished studying all the angels of the bible..
and continuing study… you gonna offer some info? Also working on
audios of a session of chakras being opened in succession.. I am
preparing sub audios to add that will allow ones self to get the
colors and audible tones of the colors embedded in the sessions

[Friend]: I have being Studying Science Of Being

is that like mindfulness?

Goes into detail about physical, mental, spiritual planes

[Friend]: I will get you a copy.

[Friend]: Book I is a summary in 7 lessons. The other Book is 27

[DanLopez2012]: who’s it by?

[Friend]: Baron Eugene Fersen

[DanLopez2012]: ahhh got it.. will look at it, thanks

The triune system of 27 lessons for the correlative
development of the individual.



[Friend]: MIND

[DanLopez2012]: Mind is the builder, spirit is the life, physical is
the result..

[Friend]: MIND alone CAN get you to SPIRIT…MORE of all
TRUTH,LOVE,LIFE,MIND the CLOSER to Spirit you will be

I mean “MIND alone cannot get you Spirit”

[Friend]: MIND alone is LUCIFER

ego is of the fallen

[Friend]: Yes…MIND alone is egotistic. Once the MIND awakes from the
DREAM. Mind connected with LOVE

lately, I’ve been struggling with the wording.. things
like the Dream and the Illusion.. thats all well and fine.. but its
not given for practical application of reason.. If this reality is all
we know.. then this dream is our living reality.. not that which is
unseen.. for we do not dwell in the spirit as naturally as we do in
this reality or sojourn.. I’m no swami.. and I’m not big on parables..
When these so called enlighten ones can’t speak plainly [not sayin
Eugene doesn't speak plainly] I meditate on it.. and if I’m not given
insight.. I dismiss it as mumbojumbo… it may be good mumbojombo that
others can resonate with and thats excellent.. it just doesn’t with
me… My friend Jeri studies A Course In Miracles.. I love the darn
thing.. but when they go into speaking of the illusion.. I guess Im’
not there yet.. so I catch an attitude LOL!!

[DanLopez2012]: I’ve come to understand, that consciousness is in

[Friend]: No worries…that is why we are.

[DanLopez2012]: the conscious, the sub-conscious, and the super-

[Friend]: We are stuck in this Thinking that keeps us in this mess. So
our thinking must change

[DanLopez2012]: just connecting with the subconscious is something..
getting to the superconscious is the goal.. bringing the infinite to
the finite

[Friend]: We can only get a glimpse

[Friend]: Fortunately I have experienced the ONENESS

[DanLopez2012]: ur not alone there

[Friend]: It was amazing

[DanLopez2012]: brought me to tears uncontrollable

[DanLopez2012]: I can’t even begin to describe it

[Friend]: This is when I knew that this PHYSICAL reality was an

[DanLopez2012]: words just fail me

[DanLopez2012]: lol, its still OUR dream/illusion to be lived.. I
mean.. what does this revelation bring you? Knowing this is a

[Friend]: I know what I need to work on

[DanLopez2012]: lol

[DanLopez2012]: I’m not makin fun.. trust me..

[Friend]: lol

[Friend]: I know what I can experience NOW

[DanLopez2012]: That which brings the disturbance and the lack of
peace from they mind thy heart, that is whch is to be addressed in

[Friend]: Thy Heart is not the Issue..It is thy Mind

[Friend]: that needs to make PEACE

[DanLopez2012]: you think your heart is impervious?

[DanLopez2012]: be sure, the prayerful request for purifying thy heart
is not a light matter

[DanLopez2012]: it is not called a hardened heart for nothing

[DanLopez2012]: It is the whole of ones-self that need administering
of thy thoughts and actions through daily living that brings the peace

[Friend]: What causes the Heart not to be in Peace

[Friend]: We need to considered the Learn behaiors

[DanLopez2012]: thine experiences in the earthly plane.. it is thy
will which brings forth such that would hinder thine heart with

[Friend]: But what influences thy WILL

[DanLopez2012]: I’m just sayin.. I ask.. do not think Mind is of the
devil, it is not.. the ego, is of such matters.. what we keep our
mind on is what makes the difference.. for Mind is the builder

[Friend]: From my perspective and metaphoriclly speaking the
EGO/DEVIL/(mind alone)

[DanLopez2012]: then to lose ones mind is to render ones-self whole?

[Friend]: LUCIFER is a TWIN

[DanLopez2012]: there is no twin in he that has fallen.. his
exclusive, the light bearer once named and has lost that name from the

[Friend]: LUCIFER/MIND…must AWAKEN and realize THY FAULT

[DanLopez2012]: You were created as a co-creator with the Maker of
all.. a companion..

[Friend]: so was LUCIFER/MID

[Friend]: MIND

[DanLopez2012]: Our true dominion is the universe. That is our
rightful place of abode.. Returning to our Creator is our goal.
Lucifer is not of our creation.. we can in no manner come near , tho
He who lives in us has subdued all the earth therein and is mightier
than he.. through Him by Him may we go forth fearless

[DanLopez2012]: He who is the word, was with Him who created all from
the beginning…

Friend]: Exactly

[DanLopez2012]: So… bring HIM who has subdued the prince of this
world into thine heart into thine mind and leave Him to His work which
He has begun in us

[Friend]: metaphorically speakin yea

[DanLopez2012]: I am with you we must change.. we must ever endure to
seek and keep seeking.. Truth and light

[DanLopez2012]: To change our thoughts, and awaken to our true
spiritual consciousness

to bring the closer relationship to the creator, to
walk in the spirit

[Friend]: It is not easy…but the Soul keeps calling me OUT

expand if you can

out of body?

[Friend]: Sometimes the Ghetto Behavior kicks in and I got to remind
myself to get of it

[DanLopez2012]: well.. that changes with your environment.. and even
then it will take some time.. or more aptly put.. practice.. for it is
not all to be goody goody, but to be good for something

[DanLopez2012]: As you attract more of those who are like minded[sorry
for the pun] the ghetto behavior will not find its place..

[Friend]: My practice is to pull myself out as soon as possible

[Friend]: Because Ghetto peeps have to learn from somewhere

[DanLopez2012]: Ahhh.. so you are to be a teacher among your brethren

Yes my FAMILY was my Practice ground

[Friend]: It is well worth it:)

[DanLopez2012]: and what part of this ghetto behavior do you wish to

[Friend]: sometimes I run low on patience with some peeps doin stupid

its fear.. in nature, in love there is no room for
fear, so fill yourself with love.. when it arises.. step aside and
whatch it.. do not fight it but be aware of it.. and then recognize
its start and eventual end..

[Friend]: yup…this is practice i am doing

[Friend]: it is not easy at times…

[Friend]: especially when your drained

[Friend]: I’ve got to pace myself and regenerate

[DanLopez2012]: if you love yourself, then the love of self will bring
forgiveness of self, when the forgiveness of self is in full then the
forgiveness of others will come naturally.. for it is harder to
forgive self than that which is outside of self..

[Friend]: the LOVE within

[Friend]: I got to remind myself the Energy in put will come back 10x

[DanLopez2012]: the tests always come when we are weak.. that is why
we must call upon and lean on and trust in Him.. which Glorifies
Himself in our weakness

[DanLopez2012]: throuygh Him we are strengthened through Him we may
overcome our weaknes and that which assails us from without and so
from within

[DanLopez2012]: I am certainly not alien to that your plight by any
means trust me

[Friend]: yup…easier said than done theredore we are in these
playgrounds to play so that  we can surrender and realize it is just a

[Friend]: When we realize it is a playground from HIM we can

[Friend]: Then I realize the Playgorund was just a DREAM/ILLUSION…

[DanLopez2012]: Damn I’m good… Actually, its easier Done than Said,
for once it has been done, so the practice has begun.. and we may be
more than conquerors!

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