Focus on the Skulls of 2012

2012 The Future of Mankind

Are We Alone?

More bizzarre information.. How can we explain this universal perfection?

The crystal skulls.. I’ll tangent for a sec just to say.. from time to time, I have a tendency to float on the web wherever it will take me.. Sometimes the info is extremely synchronistic.. sometimes not so much..but usually thought provoking nonetheless.

How true is this data??

Increased Optins to a One in Five Ratio

I was focusing on a friends ad campaign earlier today &
I just found this old video I did last year. An earlier version
had some personal footage and was more playful. ut was turned down for some reason.

And yet it seemed that this particular one garnered as many optins
as the less formal one. Let me see if i can find the less formal one..
Here’s the more serious one that converted 1 out of 5 people to optin.

3 Minute Focus On Ad Copy Writing

Holy Crud! Even if you DON”T Get Market Samurai.

This video should move you to focus & take action on ways you can pull the same info into your ad copy, based on the techniques applied in this video.. Of course the software makes it faster.. but I understand not everyone can start off by spending, everytime they see the new shiny thing..

Here’s the video

That being said recreating the wheel is dead.
Stop racking your brains to build some USP.
If you know you have competition out there focus & look at them.
Then, look at them from a prospects perspective. Have a friend
look at it and question them whether it appealed or not.

If its a win, just put yourself into the picture. Focus and tailor the message in your own words.. BAMM.. Instant USP!! Look…
Stop thinking b/c you saw the competiotion, that EVERYONE
saw the compatetion as well and will think of you a hack.

Do you have any idea how many people are on the internet?
No really, this is kind of important, b/c it messed me up for a long time.
So I know I’m not alone.
MILLIONS/MINUTE. Thats how many. Thats a lot!!!

So.. Get it done. And as you can, with time allowing, evolve into that which you have created. You will see an instant shift from self-conscious to self actualized.

Just thinking about it is not goin to make it happen.