Our Enemy Us.. a slight return

It’s Scary! I know!
Investing in yourself can be THE single most
excruciating right of passage you will ever encounter.

It’s not that the gurus are lying to you, and it’s not that they are holding anything back either. Truth is, many of us are just plain terrified to go up against ourselves.

Face it, we’ve lived with ourselves our whole lives. We know every pain button, every fear, every hurt and every doubt. We know every chink in our arsenal of behavior. We are quite the worthy opponent.

So much so that to challenge ourselves is the most fearsome act we can face. We know what we are capable of. We know the resistance. We know the rebellion and the battle that lies ahead.

We Intimately Know Our Enemy

This is a paradox. For, not only do we know our enemy intimately
we also know our weakness and can intuitively anticipate the resistance and counteract our moves. Ultimately we are armed with the foreknowledge of the enemy and our abilities and routine tactics.

Our adversary is known. Out in the open. Exposed to the light.

Once and for all, this dubious cunning challenger of success, is met face to face with its nobler counterpart. Worthy enough, to not only defeat the challenger. But, also worthy enough to render the enemy into a submissive state of servitude.

Though the battle may be won The war is not. One life Your Life.
In his book Robert Chialdini on “Influence” states that we are more apt to be confidant in something we have placed a convicted investment into. Be it a decision an action or even a simple belief.

[I'm Paraphasing, but You get the drift.]

Being on the fence about investing in yourself and your efforts is something every marketer experiences at some point or another. Some have an enviable panache for reckless abandon toward their fears.
While others are halted in their tracks.

The differences are simply in the history of investment each has
previously given to themselves. While one who has been over-run by the fear of success has invested little. The successful have invested much and have surpassed the state of fear by the confidence gained.

In my last post I went on about change. Changing ourselves.

Scary proposition. Our Enemy Has Spoken.
Our Enemy Self has requested we stand down.

That we forgo the challenge. It will simply avail us naught. Our enemy will show slides and moving pictures of our past in our minds to prove it’s case. To lay low our ambition and desire for a more passive resignation to mediocrity or worse — failure.

Battle cries like “WHAT IF?” & “YOU CAN’T” seemingly can be heard from miles within the confines of our own minds. Repeatedly and deafening and completely leaving us exhausted after countless sleepless nights.

And in the end?

Who wins? The One who invests in themselves. The ones who have the courage to face themselves daily. And face themselves to the point where it doesn’t seem like a battle any longer. To them,it’s more like an urge, which is easily smite and pushed aside for the chance at another victorious day.

Although these days do not come without cost. I must earn my battle scars. I must press forward. I must seek a confidante in others and accept accountability for my actions. Thus in doing so I face myself daily and gain little victories to achieve greater victories.

I come from a place where the average participant has a one in seven chance of surviving. In the business world or online world only two percent of the average population will put forth the effort to succeed.

The rest will succumb to the average acceptance that challenging and
defeating our enemy is just too much for them. It doesn’t make them bad people. It just means they know their role. They choose to accept  it.

In Peace